Review: Golf Putt Perfect by iOver Golf

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Golf Putt Perfect by iOver Golf, is the first and only Golf app that uses the latest Apple eye tracking technology to improve your putting in less than one minute.


The iOver Golf App was created to provide a simple and effective way to golfers to align their eyes exactly over the golf ball while putting. With the iOver Golf App you will use the latest in iSight technology from Apple to align your eyes directly over the golf ball. Simply place the iPhone on the ground and align your putter head to the side of the iPhone. Look down at your iPhone as if it is your golf ball and the iPhone will adjust your position until your eyes are directly over the ball. It is that simple.

Some of the key features of the application include:

  • Align Anytime – You always have your iPhone with you!

  • Know for Sure – Alignment is exact and perfect.

  • Inexpensive – You can’t buy a mirror for $0.99!

  • Fast – It only takes about 30 seconds to align your eyes using the app.

  • Repeatable – You can use it every time before you play.


With iOver Golf app you can be sure to improve your put in just a few simple steps and gain the perfect putting stroke. Using iOver Golf app, you will be able to have your eyes exactly over the ball. The first thing you will need to do is line up your putter with your iPhone. Keep your eyes in the cross hairs of the screen. (please note that you will have to have an iOS device that has a front facing camera) Next you will need to take a mental picture of the relationship of your head and eyes to the putter and the ball. Step up to the ball and make your normal stroke with your eyes exactly over the ball.

Golf Putt Perfect by iOver Golf is currently priced at just $0.99. If you are serious about improving your putting, $0.99 is a small price to pay. Check it out on the Apple AppStore today!


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