Review: Hoppy Hobby for iOS

hoppy hobby

Hoppy Hobby is a super addictive game for iOS developed by Andrey Makeev. This fun arcade game can have you playing for hours trying to beat your high score.

The developed wondered if frogs went to heaven. It appears that this frog did and it wants to return home to it’s swamp to see his family and friends. It order to get down you need to jump from cloud to cloud and other platforms floating in the sky.

The game is super simple and very addicting. With just a simple tap on the screen you can make the frog jump, but before where you jump as you could fall and die ending the game. You with then get a total high score that you can compare with friends and other via Gamecenter. You can achieve higher scores by jumping on more platforms and performing combos where you jump past platforms.

If you think you have what it takes to compete in an online dual, Hoppy Hobby features online duals using the Skillz Multiplayer System. This system will match you up with players all over the world where you can instantly compete against them in trying to achieve the highest score. Each match costs a certain amount of coins to enter, and if you get the highest score, you will be rewarded with more coins.

Overall Hoppy Hobby is a great application and very fun. Best of all it is a FREE download on the Apple App Store. Go grab it today and try to get your frog back to the swamp!




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