Review: Iron Dragon II – Revenge

Iron Dragon II – Revenge, developed by, is a classic ninja fighting game where Harley has finally succeeded in saving his sister Sala. They now are teamed up together to get their revenge.

If you played and loved the classic Double Dragon on NES, you will love this new remake of the game. You will find a ton of similarities and the game play is just as fun as the original. The graphics and sound are great and have been updated to support apples Retina display. You will also love the soundtrack as it has been specifically designed for Iron Dragon.

iron dragon

The concept of the game is defeat the evil ninja thief clan and save the world. You goal is to defeat them and the multiple bosses using the dpad to move, a to attack and holding b to jump. You can run by double tapping any direction. The game features 12 different level and 2 different characters to choose from. One of the coolest features of this game is that it supports multilayer. Simply click host game or join game and you and your buddy can play together on separate devices.

If you want to advance in the game faster you can purchase coins, power ups, health, dragon blood, and dragon sprite all from the in-app purchases.

This beautiful Retro style arcade game will satisfy your childhood needs, and with the low low price of FREE, there is no reason not to grab it. Check it out on the Apple App Store today!


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