Review: RagazzA3 for iPad

RagazzA3 for iPad, developed by Sirius, is straight from Japan and is an application the blends dress-up and RPG. Your goal is to test your fashion sense and get ranked all while acquiring new pieces of clothing and dressing up your girl to best fit the correct style.

When you first launch the app, you will have to wait a little bit for all of the items to download from the server to your iPad. Once loaded, you can start the game or continue your progress. It may be worthwile to check out the settings menu and configure the app to your liking. I personally get annoyed with background music. Luckily you can turn it off in the settings if you choose.

“RagazzA” means “girl” in Italian and the 3 stands for the 3 different girls that you get to dress up just the way you like and then send them off on a Quest to put your fashionista knowledge to the test.

to play the Quests, you first select the type of quest that you would like to enter. You will then be presented with a few hints on how you should dress. Dress your girl up how you think the judges would like her and then get ranked. Rankings are from A to D and S is the top. Can you get there?

Based on your ranking, you will earn money, called Lira, and gain EXP points. You can use your LIRA to go on shopping sprees for new clothes. If you need more LIRA, you can use in-app purchases to get more. World Cup fever is here, and with new World Cup items, you can purchase to make a very sporty outfit. RagazzA3 offers over 300 items to choose from and they are always adding more.

RagazzA3 for iPad is currently a FREE application to download on the Apple App Store. If you are into Dress-up and or RPG, this is worth checking out. With new items coming out all of the time and a chance to win prizes, there is no reason not to.


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