Review: Fly Balloon Fly! for iOS

Fly Balloon, Fly!, developed by PopSoda Digital Commerce, is a copy cat clone of the super popular game Flappy Bird that was removed from the AppStore. This game features a side-scrolling format where you object is to guide a little boy and his balloon through the maze of swords, coming into contact with them will pop your balloon and you will die. You goal is to see how far you can make it and the further you go the higher your score.

Fly Balloon, Fly! is a very tricky game and seems a lot harder than the original Flappy Bird. Being that it is so difficult makes it that much more enjoyable as you will keep replaying trying to beat your high score. This is an endless game so you can never will but still offers incredible game replay value.
fly balloon fly

The controls are very simple just press down on the screen and your balloon will fall towards the ground. Let go and you will rise back up. The music is very entertaining, but make get repetitive for some people. Luckily you can shut it off very easily. The graphics are very well done, and they are constantly changing. The backgrounds turn from night, day, and outer space. Overall this game is very fun and entertain and worth checking out if you are a Flappy Bird fan.

As for the cost, this game is absolutely FREE. It is however sponsored by ads, but those really do not get in your way. My best score is 5 and I can’t seem to get past that. Can you beat me?


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