Review: Christmas Carols Piano – Learn to Play Christmas Carols for Free

christmas carolsChristmas Carols Piano – Learn to Play Christmas Carols for Free, developed by pl ayground, is a piano app with a “Follow me Play” guide that helps kids (and adults) learn to play simple songs.

The iPad is a great device and is always something you can show off to family members. With the holidays just around the corner and the iPad that functions as a great personal piano, you can impress your friends and family by learning some of the popular Christmas carols.

This applications allows you to learn over 55 melodies and 12 carols. There is an easy “follow me play” guide that will light up the key that you should play next. If you practice enough and follow the guides you will be able to play Christmas favorites in no time. Some of the popular songs include: Jingle Bells, Silent Night, O Christmas Tree, Rudolph, the red-noosed Reindeer, We wish you a Merry Christmas and lots more.

Learning to play Christmas carols is super easy with this app and it is a great FREE kid friendly app on the Apple App Store. The free version is ad supported and they also have a paid version that costs just $0.99. If you or your child wants to learn how to play the piano on their new iPad this Christmas, this is a great app to start out with.



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