Review: Personal Best Pro

personal best pro

Personal Best Pro, developed by Rob Delaporte, allows you to stay on top of your kids’ sports commitments. This handy organizational tool for iOS allows you to stay organized by tracking events and memorable moments.

When you first launch the app you will have to create a person to track. Just enter their name, age, and add a photo. Once you are finished with that you will want to add a new sport. Once you have added your main sport, you will want to add the corresponding activities. I set up my son’s soccer matches and wanted to track when and how many goals he scored.

Each activity gives you the option to use a counter, timer, or manual type depending on the activity. This allows you to easily track your child’s goals. Each activity will need to have a location and time tied to it. It would be nice if the developers allowed you to use GPS, but manually typing the location is just fine too.

For his track races, the app has a built in lap timer and keeps track of the best records by putting a trophy next to the time so you can quickly see the best lap time. You can also attach a photo to each event so you can capture that perfect moment and store it with their corresponding achievements. Not only can you view the gallery of photos, but you can also see a detailed graph of all of their achievements.

Personal Best Pro is currently a FREE application on the Apple AppStore, but if you want to get the most out of this app you will want to have a look at the in-app purchases. These include the ability to unlock unlimited personas, unlock additional sport categories and/or activities. If you want to unlock everything you can purchase the Mega Value Unlock. So if you are into tracking your child’s progress throughout their sporting career, Personal Best Pro is a great app to make sure you have every highlight documented.



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