Review: BabyPaints for iPhone and iPad

BabyPaints is developed by Kaolin Fire, and was designed for their six-month-old son. It is fantastic and will keep your child entertained for hours. Every time you draw on the screen in make a soothing piano noise and the colors drawn are vivid and eye catching. Some other very cool features include the ability to use the microphone and accelerometer. When your child speaks or tilts the device they will hear music as well.

Since the app takes advantage of multi-touch, you child can use his fingers and even toes all at once. This is a great feature as we know babies love to put their entire hands on the screen and are not using just a single finger when they are young. Once you child is done with the app you can share their paintings via email, Twitter, Facebook, or just save them to your camera roll!

To make sure your baby does not exit out of the application we recommend you turn on Guided Access. This will lock the current application so you baby doesn’t accidentally exit the app. When you first launch the application, they will give you a very detailed guide on how to turn on Guided Access if you are not familiar with it. If you have a small child this is such a hand tool and I am so glad Apple has incorporated this into iOS.

BabyPaints is currently available on the Apple AppStore for $3.99. This is a universal application so you only have to purchase it one time to use on the iPad and iPhone. I would have to say that this is one of the best baby apps I have had chance to review so far. It is perfect for children of all ages.


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