I Have 999 Apps Downloaded; How About You?

Hey guys, here’s a fun little article. I checked my iTunes library today and I saw that I had no more and no less than 999 applications. 999! I never thought that I would have that many applications, but I am 1 application away from hitting number 1,000! The App Store has changed the way […]

[AT&T] Get your Unlimited Data back

So you are new to AT&T since mid June 2010 after the Unlimited Data plans went away, and you start thinking why Verizon iPhone gets Unlimited Data but you don’t. Well here’s some hope, not much but it’s something. Sources say that if you give your friendly neighborhood AT&T customer service rep a call and […]

Download Verizon iPhone Firmware

Firmware files are going to get harder to keep track of with the Verizon iPhone entering the mix. If you are looking for old iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch firmware; You can find them here: https://leimobile.com/firmware-downloads/ Apple has a website that lists all the firmwares in one spot but it is a little tricky to […]