Fix: POSIX: Socket is not connected

Are you getting the error POSIX: Socket is not connected error in Cydia when trying to download a certain application?  This error happens when you loose connection during the download.  You may be downloading a large file that is say 15MB, and your iPhone goes to sleep.  This will terminate the connection and you will […]

This device isn’t eligible for the requested build

Did you get the error in iTunes that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch could not be updated. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build? Well it seems like many people are getting this error if they are updating to the latest version of iOS and Cydia does not yet have your SHSH files […]

BREAKING: Google To Launch Music Cloud Service Today

Well it looks like Google is rushing to beat Apple to the punch. It seems as though Google is going to launch Google Music today at it’s annual Google I/O developer conference. UPDATE: CONFIRMED, sign up for an invite here Google will be taking the same approach to streaming music as Amazon. This means […]

BREAKING: Apple Issues Official Statement Regarding Locationgate

More breaking news hitting us this morning, at the same time that Apple released the white iPhone 4 news, they also took the time to issue the press a statement regarding the, highly publicized scandal in which we were the first to dub (and then others followed :P), locationgate. Apple answered every question the media […]

BREAKING: White iPhone 4 Arriving Tomorrow World Wide

Breaking news hitting us just a minute ago, it seems that Apple has finally announced that the white iPhone 4 is coming tomorrow. After numerous leaks and photos, and even some sales of the device in Europe, the white iPhone 4’s announcement is a welcome one by many people that have been patiently waiting for […]

BREAKING: Steve Jobs Denies Tracking; Says Google Is Watching You

It seems that Steve Jobs has just responded to a customer email that was asking about specifics on the database that has all of our location information in it. As usual, Mr. Jobs, however brief he speaks, has caused a shockwave accross the Apple community. Here is the customer’s email: “Steve, Could you please explain […]