Steve Jobs Releases Resignation Letter To Apple Community

Hey guys, well, with the late breaking-news coming out of  Cupertino that Steve Jobs would now be known as “former Apple, Inc. CEO”, the press (and the Apple community) has been sent a letter from Steve Jobs himself. The letter reads: I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my […]

BREAKING: Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple

Holy shit, we have just all been alerted that Steve Jobs has just resigned as CEO of Apple, Inc. The positiion will be given to Tim Cook, as expected. I never thought that this day would come so soon. Steve Jobs has brought the most advanced and “magical” devices to millions of people and has […]

FAQ: How To Fix iOS 5 Photo Sync Issues

Hey guys, now, as you know, iOS 5 has been around for a few days and I have been playing around with it since it came out on Monday. However, there was one thing that I could not do with my iPhone anymore, and that was sync photos correctly. It would sync about 100 out […]

iMessage Waiting for activation

This post is currently about the iOS 5 beta 1, but may apply to future versions of iOS 5. Are you having issues with iMessage not activating?  This is very similar the the FaceTime issues where it says waiting for activation. You may find that iMessage will activate if you add another email address.  When […]

How to enable the Camera app from the lockscreen in iOS 5

The Camera application got some really cool upgrades in iOS 5. One of my favorite features is the ability to use the volume up button to snap a picture.  This makes it so much easier to take photos now. Another way Apple has improved the speed of taking pictures is allowing users to launch the […]

How To Enable Custom Vibration Patterns in iOS 5

Another great new feature in iOS 5 is the ability to have custom vibration patters.  This is a very nice little tweak to help you differentiate alerts while your phone is silent.  Now you can assign a unique vibration pattern to anyone in your contacts. You can also change the default pattern for everyone in […]

How To Enable AirPlay Mirroring In iOS 5

One very cool feature of iOS 5 is the ability to display your iDevice on your HDTV with an Apple TV over Wi-Fi.  You no longer have to use an HDMI cable.  Currently iOS 5 only supports the iPad, and I believe only the iPad 2 at that.  This is probably due to the processor […]