FIX: Verizon iPhone 4S phone number format incorrect

Do you have a Verizon iPhone 4S that you may have upgraded from AT&T and noticed that your contacts and phone numbers are messed up? Are they missing the dashes? In other words, the phone numbers all look like 7432677431 instead of (743)267-7431. Most people see this issue if they are upgrading from an iPhone 3G […]

T-Mobile MMS Settings For iOS 5 and iOS 6

The MMS settings for T-Mobile on iOS 6. These are the exact same as iOS 4 and iOS 5. Currently the easiest way to get MMS working on tmobile is to jailbreak and install the fix from our repo. Now what happens if you have an unlocked iPhone 4S running on T-Mobile like I do? […]

How To Delete Photos From iCloud Photo Stream

So you turned iCloud on when you upgraded to iOS 5 and also switched on Photo Stream only to find some embarrassing pictures syncing to all of your devices including iPhoto. Now you want to delete that picture but cant figure out how? Currently Apple has no way of deleting a single photo. All you […]

Can I Jailbreak My iPhone?

The iPhone Dev Team has set up a site titled which helps you determine if you can jailbreak your iPhone and what tools you need to perform the jailbreak. The website was created by chpwn, and the domain is donated by MuscleNerd. Follow @iphone_dev and @chronicdevteam for up-to-the-minute info. For even older versions, you […]

iPhone 4S model numbers

These are the current iPhone 4S US model numbers that I have found as well as a few sample international models. If you have the international list please let us know. We will update this page often until it is complete.  Please send us any info you find.  Thanks!   USA: Apple iPhone 4S 16GB […]

Get an iPhone 4S Unlocked with No Contract Early

So Apple decided to only allow people to pre-order the iPhone 4S with a 2 year service contract. If you were like a lot of people and stayed up late last night to pre-order an unlocked iPhone 4S with no contract only to find out Apple will not sell it to you, then here is […]

Dev Intern Wanted!!

Have a desire to learn programming for Mac and iOS? Do you just not have the resources to get anywhere? Join our new (unpaid) intern position as a developer and we’ll provide you with texts and Apple Dev Center access to learn anything you want to know to become a Mac and iOS programmer. Send […]

BREAKING: Apple Releases iTunes Match Beta To Developers

UPDATE: As of 8am (central time) this morning Apple temporarily closed iTunes Match sign ups. Apple claims that it is because they got their “initial developers” while reading the Apple Developer Forums suggests that the truth is that Apple’s iTunes Match servers have either crashed or are just getting bogged down. My sources say Apple […]