FAQ: Get Straight Talk LTE Working on iPhone

Straight Talk is now offering LTE and to get it working on an iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, or iPhone 5C, you will need to fill in the correct APN settings for LTE to work and obviously you will have to be in an area that supports Straight Talk LTE. Head over to Settings –> General […]

iPhone 5S Model Numbers

Here is the list of model numbers for the new iPhone 5S that was released by Apple on September 20th 2013. Model A1533 (GSM) and Model A1533 (CDMA) will work with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Model A1453 will work with Sprint in the USA. To see which LTE bands are supported by which country and […]

iPhone 5c Model Numbers

AT&T iPhone 5c 16GB White (GSM) AT&T ME505LL/A iPhone 5c 32GB White (GSM) AT&T MF134LL/A iPhone 5c 16GB Pink (GSM) AT&T ME509LL/A iPhone 5c 32GB Pink (GSM) AT&T MF138LL/A iPhone 5c 16GB Yellow (GSM) AT&T ME506LL/A iPhone 5c 32GB Yellow (GSM) AT&T MF135LL/A iPhone 5c 16GB Blue (GSM) AT&T ME507LL/A iPhone 5c 32GB Blue (GSM) […]

iPhone 5 AWS HSPA+ Compatibility Info for T-Mobile

Any GSM iPhone 5 model A1428 will support T-Mobile’s LTE network and HSPA+ speeds of up to 21 Mbps. To experience DC-HSDPA up to 42 Mbps on T-Mobile, you need an iPhone 5 GSM model that supports T-Mobile’s AWS band (1700/2100). T-Mobile just announced the iPhone 5 for their USA network. It is scheduled to […]

How To: Enable LTE on iPhone 5 for T-Mobile

  UPDATE 3/31/13: Now a super easy way to install. Just install the CommCenter Patch and the LTE enable from out repo.¬†This will be a better solution for people who want to enable LTE on their unlocked iPhone 5. Not only does it save people the time and hassle of having to go into the […]

Set iPhone Ringtone Longer

The default length for the iPhone to ring is 20 seconds. If you want to make your iPhone ring longer than that up to 30 seconds, just follow these simple steps. Open up the iPhone keypad on your iPhone and type *#61# and the press the call button. You will see some messages come up […]

NoAccSplash UnNeeded in iOS 6.1

UPDATE: If you used NoAccSplash to allow video playback (Bypassing Video is playing on TV) then NAS is still necessary, and the current version in BigBoss Repo works fine for both iPhone and iPad.   Well it’s a day after Apple has released iOS 6.1 for all supported devices and I am pleased to announce […]

Jailbreaks and Pirates – The misconceived story

  Hey guys, well it’s 2013 and it’s time to start this year off right. In strive to help build a healthier iPhone community, consider the following. (Warning, a really long rant follows, if you would like to cut to the end you may do so at the paragraph marked CLOSING)

Fix: DirecTV This app is not supported on jailbroken devices

DirecTV does not like people who jailbreak their devices and locks you out of their app completely if your device is jailbroken. When you first open the DirecTV app (version 2.3.0) you are presented with the above error message: This app is not supported on jailbroken devices. Please connect to Apple iTunes to update or […]