NoAccSplash UnNeeded in iOS 6.1

UPDATE: If you used NoAccSplash to allow video playback (Bypassing Video is playing on TV) then NAS is still necessary, and the current version in BigBoss Repo works fine for both iPhone and iPad.


Well it’s a day after Apple has released iOS 6.1 for all supported devices and I am pleased to announce we may not need NoAccSplash anymore to use the Music/Video apps anymore!

It would seem that Apple actually listens to some user input and now we have full control of the Music and Videos Applications when plugged into a pesky accessory that use to lock the controls out 🙂

SpringBoard controls are also re-enabled as well 😛


Spotlight, VoiceControl and Siri music selection still doesn’t appear to work, but this is a start, it means Apple is actually willing to listen to user input and make changes in a timely manner.


If I ever find a way to fix Spotlight, Siri and VoiceControl selections I will be sure to update NoAccSplash to support this, but as of right now I have nothing 🙁


PS. For those of you who use other music applications (Pandora, etc) I’ve had no luck imitating or even tracing down a way to get those apps to behave. Might email those developers and complain with the make and model of your system.


Share your experience on if 6.1 fixed your NoAccSplash needs and we’ll go from there.

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  1. Juan M. Rodriguez says

    It still shows that the video is playing on TV when I use my car stereo.
    iOS 6.1 without jailbreak
    iPad 3 3G + WiFi

    Does anyone having this issue?


      • Juan M. Rodriguez says

        I double checked and I can play videos in my car with my iPod 4. So i think it could be an issue with iPad.
        But now there is evasi0n untethered jailbreak, so I installed Cydia and NoAccSplash and it works just perfect

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