BREAKING: Google To Launch Music Cloud Service Today

Well it looks like Google is rushing to beat Apple to the punch. It seems as though Google is going to launch Google Music today at it’s annual Google I/O developer conference.

UPDATE: CONFIRMED, sign up for an invite here

Google will be taking the same approach to streaming music as Amazon. This means that they will not have a master copy, but rather they will have the user upload their library.

AKA, Google has no licenses with the record labels.

So why am I writing a Google story on an Apple site? Because we have long debated which service would launch first and it seems that Google rushed it out in order to beat Apple and keep up with Amazon.

Now, I agree with Google & Amazon about their not needing licenses to do what they are doing, but I would rather stay out of the cloud until Apple launches their licensed (and more secure, legally speaking) cloud that is rumored to also video, photos, contacts, calendars, etc.

Also, by the way, Google’s service is rumored to be flash only, so no iOS devices or Android devices running anything lower than 2.2.

What a shame.

Google is going to launch this as an invite-only beta for Google I/O attendees, Motorola Xoom owners, as well as people who want to sign up for a beta.

Keep in mind, no “official” announcement has been made but Google’s own executive leaked the announcement many hours before hand.

We expect Apple to show off their iCloud service at WWDC 2011 on June 6th!


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      Yeah, usually tech companies like to release things here in the U.S. First, but a VPN service may allow you to access it. 🙂 Just like us here in the U.S. can use a VPN to access Spotify in the U.K.

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