This Apple ID Is Not Currently Eligible To Purchase Gift Certificates

Apple iTunesAre you trying to buy an iTunes gift certificate online that you can either download and print or email to someone?  Are you getting this error? “This Apple ID is not currently eligible to purchase gift certificates. You can purchase iTunes Gift Cards from a variety of retail locations.”

It seems that Apple has been limiting certain accounts due to all of the fraud that has been happening lately. Hackers were stealing peoples passwords and buying gift certificates that they were selling on eBay or the black market.

In order for your Apple ID to be eligible automatically you need to purchase something with your credit card from an Apple Retail store on  Others have had success with removing all credit cards from the account and then adding one at the time of purchasing your iTunes Gift Certificate.

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  1. Mr. Biker says

    Same error. Nothing I tried allowed me to buy. I called Apple and they said it’s a pervasive problem.

    They will send me an email with an update within 24 hours.

    Have fun.


  2. Jerry says

    wow – this is really idiotic. if i didn’t already have an apple product, i would never purchase one. every time i try to do something with the itunes store, i have problems. horrible experience.

    • Glowbabie says

      I see we are swimming in that same sea. iTunes says they are protecting and securing our privacy, however, at the same time, we’re being crippled. I can’t do a thing on iTunes and at this point, I am quite tired of trying, if it’s not one thing it’s another. VERY HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. You can only interact through email, no number is listed to call, they will not call you, yet, they want you to supply them with the same sensitive info, they are protecting, they want you to fax it to them….c’mon now, get real!!! You want our private info, but refuse to make contact outside of email??? Yeah, just call me Boo Woo The Fool!!!

  3. says

    “This apple id is not currently eligible to purchase gift certificates.”
    I just bought an apple iphone from at&t. I have two other phones available for upgrade. I will not purchase another iphone until you get this gift certificate problem resolved.

  4. Nick says

    This is ticking me off! My sister’s birthday is tomorrow and guess what? I can’t do something a little special and surprise her with a email gift card!

  5. Jon says

    Well here is the kicker for me! I have purchased stuff for my ipad online, from them, using the same credit card and account, yet I get this. I HATE APPLE!!! So glad I sold my crappy iPad

  6. Are you kidding me says

    I love how you are required to have an apple product in order to get phone support for iTunes store. Trying to purchase iTunes gift card with a PC, and can’t get support through any of the automated systems. How snobby!

  7. says

    Hello Mr. Biker, can you share with me the update was not so, I am also bi status as bees, you can, buy a gift card, please help me, thank you very much

    • Denis says

      I had the same problem today. I called the Canada Tech Support phone number. I did have to hold for 30 minutes, but then the support person who ansered (Jennifer), was very nice and helpful. She did not know how to fix it, so she put me on hold and seeked assistance from their security department (another 15 minutes on hold), but then she came back and said they were able to fix the problem. I tried again 5 minutes later and was able to purchase the gift certificate.

  8. dave says

    i think i will send apple a copy of the Amazon or Google Play gift certificate/card i buy as a gift, explaining that since apple refuses to fix this problem i am giving my money to their competitors.

  9. SoCal714 says

    I have a fix. I received the same error message purchasing a Gift Certificate in iTunes.

    In iTunes, I simply RE-typed my credit card information into my account. I noticed the CVV was missing, as it should be, but more importantly the CVV box was highlighted in Red.

    I tried purchasing the gift card again. It worked. No error message.

    While re-typing my credit card information, I did notice a read notice in the upper left corner. The notice said I had recently logged into my account from another computer or words to that effect. I believe re-typing my info reset my acccount by verifying my identity.

    I hope this helps.

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