FIX: You Do Not Have Access To This Resource Based On Your Membership

Are you getting the error “You do not have access to this resource based on your membership,” when you try to download Mac OS X Lion?

It seems as the fix to this is that you will need to log out of the development portal, reset your browser, and reboot.  Try it again and you should have access to the preview of OS X Lion if you were invited to the development team. (You would of received an invite email direct from Apple with a code to sign up).

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  1. says

    for users experiencing an issue where after they register using the invite to register and log in, and still do not have access to the Lion section. follow these instructions:

    1)go back to the original invite e-mail
    2)click on the invite link again
    3)click continue
    4)sign on using that same account (this time you wont be asked all those questions
    5)copy and paste the invitation code in this window
    6)click continue again
    7)you should now have access to the lion section

    • richsadams says

      I followed all of the instructions exactly but it’s not working. I get to the “Accept an invitation to join a development team” page, enter the code I was sent in the Apple e-mail and click on “Submit”. The page loads, but it just stays on that page. ????

    • Mike says

      I’ve followed the instructions too but no dice. It looks like Apple has kicked me (us) out of the team for good.

      The Lion installer App has disappeared from my App Store “Purchases” page, never to be seen again.

      It seems like a waste of $10 but I guess in the end it was a gamble after all.

    • richsadams says

      Same here…says I’m already a member of the team and then when I try to download Lion it takes me back to the “You do not have access…” page.

      • Devin Z says

        same with me earlier today i was able to access the developer area but now im greeted with “you are not authorized to view this page”

  2. Jose says

    Same here… tried both solutions on this page but nothing happens. I hope lei mobile gives us an honest response/solution.

    At least some of you managed to download Lion, I didn’t since I had a problem with the download and then it wouldn’t download again.

  3. richsadams says

    I even tried signing up as a new account, but when I use the code from Apple it says that “This invitation has already been accepted.” Now what?

  4. yetelday says

    same problem here…
    “You do not have access to this resource based on your membership.”
    none of the solutions worked.

  5. Jose says

    What do you think will happen if the code I redeemed started the download but it got interrupted and then it failed to download again? It got stuck on the “doing nothing” Install button.

    Do you think I will be able to download it once the “bug” they had is fixed? or should I just turn the page and find it in other ways?

  6. yetelday says

    so, to be clear if we didn’t get the code to download the preview from the AppStore we just wasted 10$, that’s it ?

  7. Keith says

    Whats the deal with this ??I have tried all the steps and it says I dont have access to the LION portion of the dev site?

  8. Don says

    What is the real deal here? You are going to get a really bad name if you don’t explain what has happened. What is meant by “Apple has ended the program”?

  9. biomorph says

    So, essentially we spent $10 for one day of access to the dev portal? I remember I even asked you before I made a donation, how long I would have access. You said one year, that’s how long you had a dev account for. Now that you got kicked out you owe us a refund. Or open a new dev account and put us all back on there. Next time try not to promise something you can’t deliver, I am sorry I donated to you.

    • says

      we did not promise anything and you were donating to our site and app development. We were not selling spots on our dev team. We were giving them away to potential contractors. We will hopefully be back soon.

      • Nourez says

        Keep us informed. I installed Lion but I forgot to install the Java Web Components and Xcode 4.1. I can live without them, but it’d be nice to mess around with programming for Lion and, hell, I won’t lie, I miss the Pokemon Laboratory applet 😛

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