[AT&T] Get your Unlimited Data back

So you are new to AT&T since mid June 2010 after the Unlimited Data plans went away, and you start thinking why Verizon iPhone gets Unlimited Data but you don’t.

Well here’s some hope, not much but it’s something. Sources say that if you give your friendly neighborhood AT&T customer service rep a call and nicely ask about that and throw in your thoughts on switching to Verizon when the time comes, you could potentially coax them into giving you unlimited data to keep you from jumping ship to Verizon. (If you previously had unlimited and you switched down to 2GB for whatever reason, this may work for you to.)

Be sure you play your bluff right and don’t strictly say you want to cancel your service today. If it doesn’t work, call back later and try with another rep.

Post success or failure here please.

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  1. Luis says

    Yeah they are afraid to lose your money so I think they will try everything to keep you with them so let’s try and see what happen.

  2. Derek says

    Just tried it and alas they told me, ” Sorry we dont offer that anymore” I then mentioned how I still have my company account with Verizon and now they have the iphone with unlimited data and that I was really thinking hard about making a change back to them just because I use alot of data for work. She said ,”Ok, well thanks for calling ATT, where you can talk and surf at the same time! ” …. 🙁 I just want unlimited data ;(

  3. Tyler says

    I tried this yesterday and even talked to a supervisor. We didn’t have 3G where I lived so I reduced my data to 200MB and now we do have 3G so I want unlimited back. They were no help at all. They tried to convince me that they removed it to add more options to the customers. I guess in a way now there is 2 options rather than one but they removed the most valuable option. ATT does offer unlimited data to non smartphones. I asked why would a non smartphone need unlimited data? He told me “because they use less data than smartphones.” Isn’t that a little backwards ATT?

  4. Daryl says

    That is sooo very backwards. I had the Samsung Impression with unlimited data only because it was a non smartphone. Now that I’ve upgraded to the HTC Inspire they are telling me that I can’t get unlimited data anymore even though my bill is more. I wish they would change this.

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