Analysis: Steve Jobs Gives Keynote Like We Predicted; Wears Black Shoes?!

Hey guys, now, Apple’s keynote is now live, but I like to analyze the keynotes, but right off the bat, I noticed something major that caught my eye. Steve Jobs is wearing black shoes. This is huge, he has NEVER worn any other color of shoe in any of his keynotes. He has always worn white or grey New Balance sneakers.

So why should we care? I think this is a big hint at the status of his health. I think he wanted to send us a cryptic message, not by saying it out loud, but subtle. To me, this is huge, it can signify that there are big changes ahead. His explanation for being at the keynote doesn’t jive with me. “We worked on this for a long time, so I had to be here”.

All of Apple’s products have taken a long time to create, this isn’t an excuse, he’s still technically not supposed to be working at Apple right now, yet, we see him giving the keynote.

Honestly, I believe that him “taking a leave” without a date of return is a way to ease out of the company and prepare the world for a new era of Apple. Whether it’s Tim Cook who takes the big chair or not, who knows, but I think that his clothes were a sign of things to come.

For someone to do something exactly the same for every time we see them and for them to suddenly change, that is sort of alarming.

I think 2011 will be a very interesting time for Apple and Steve Jobs.

We wish him the best and we hope that he gets better, whether he returns to work at Apple or not, nothing can change the fact that he has changed the world forever.

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    • says

      See, I started thinking that too, but I looked back and not one single image popped up with him wearing anything other than that. If you saw someone doing the same thing for decades and then all of a sudden they do something else, you’d wonder a little, no?

  1. says

    So true. Obviously we can’t say if these new shoes indicate “the status of his health” but this is a significant change for someone whose worn the exact same outfit for the last 10 years.

    If anything he may just want a more low key shoe option. Very curious to know the brand/model of these new kicks, and only time will tell if these will replace his signature New Balance 991s.

  2. says

    This is only supported by my mind and ears but he sounded sorta depressed toward the end of the Keynote but it might just be my imagination

  3. Nick says

    i think the shoes are just shoes but has anyone noticed that recently more and more of apples other chiefs have been taking over parts of the keynotes? i dont know if its always been this way or not, but if it hasnt then its probably a way of prepping other execs to do a keynote well

  4. Fjord Prefect says

    I did hear that as early as February of this year, Steve knew he didn’t have much longer to live, so I suppose there could have been something to this story. Anyway, RIP Steve, the world has lost one of it’s most amazing people and we’re all worse off for it. Peace.

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