BREAKING: Chronic Dev Team Releases Full Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak; Mac Only For Now [UPDATED 2X]

[IMPORTANT UPDATE]: Well, it looks as if their website is still down, but here is a mirror: click here to download

[UPDATE 2]: MuscleNerd has said that they will be updating the Pwnage Tool with Chronic’s exploit (if they get permission, which I think they will) in the next few days. Stay tuned…

Hey guys, even more news hitting you today. It looks as if the Chronic Dev Team has released a full iOS 4.2.1 untether jailbreak for all iOS devices!

The only downside is that you need a Mac, so if you aren’t like us and own a Mac, either find a friend that has one or wait just a little longer, because a PC version is on the way!

Click here to go download it!


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