Review: Loop iPod Nano Wristband

The iPod nano has been destined to be a watch ever since its release. I have had several watch bands but this one really is my favorite. I found it on kickstarter and loved it instantly. It is very modern and sleek looking especially in the sheer white color. My first concern though was if […]

Review: PowerSkin Battery Case iPhone 4

The PowerSkin iPhone Charging Case is a new and great innovation to extended battery cases for the iPhone. What is new and great about this case is that it combines a protective and durable silicon case with an extended battery to charge your iPhone. It’s simple and works like every other extended battery case but […]

Review: Cocoon Harlem iPad Sling

The Cocoon Harlem iPad bag made for iPad and iPad 2 combines Cocoon’s award winning Gird-It functionality with yet another functional bag. Mine, in gray with an orange interior, is very nice looking and is very comfortable to wear. It can be taken just about anywhere as it doesn’t really stick off your back to […]

Review: Colcasac Zagora iPad 2 (with smart cover) Sleeve

Located in Utah, Colcasac makes all of their sleeves from natural biodegradable materials like hemp. Once you are done using the case for whatever reason it will actually decompose at some point. Aside from the fact that it is really natural and good for the environment it is by far the best iPad sleeve I […]

Review: Aviiq Portable Quick Stand

The Aviiq portable quick stand is a stylish and truly quick as its name states. The case is made from 4 pieces of fairly thin but sturdy aluminum. The ends have rubber on them to give traction to the surface its on and the MacBook or laptop as well as protect the surface of your […]

Review: Peel Fruit Universal Remote

Peel is an easy to use and stylish universal remote for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. All you need is the Peel Fruit, an iDevice, and a router. It was ridiculously easy to set up like seriously a five year old could do it. Just plug in the Peel cable into the wall and an […]

Review: Magic Cube Virtual Keyboard

Celluon’s Magic Cube Keyboard (Available on Amazon for $169.99) is a laser keyboard that can be projected on any flat surface. This very cool and useful keyboard can be paired with just about any and all devices that have bluetooth including mac, pc, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and android devices. I have been mainly using […]

Review: HyperSheild

The HyperSheild from is a basic but functional case for the iPad. The case comes in the colors of the Smart Covers and is compatible to be used with them at the same time. The back of the HyperShield is a sort of matte finish that allows for fairly good grip while the front […]

Review: Instamap for iPad

Instamap for the iPad is an Instagram client for your iPad. It is a new and interesting way to view all of your photos available in your Instagram feed as well as the subscriptions you make in Instamap. Instamap first begins with a quick and easy login to access your Instagram account. From there you […]