Review: HyperSheild

The HyperSheild from is a basic but functional case for the iPad. The case comes in the colors of the Smart Covers and is compatible to be used with them at the same time. The back of the HyperShield is a sort of matte finish that allows for fairly good grip while the front edge surrounding the iPads screen is slick and smooth. The difference in finish creates a difference in color as the back is a lighter color than the front, but it looks nice and I didn’t have a problem with that. The case is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane that is popped onto the iPad fairly easily. Once the case is on you can tell a slight difference in the heft of the iPad but nothing that throws off the entire iPad experience. When using the Smart Cover with the HyperSheild (which is sort of required since there is a large part of the iPad that would be exposed without it) all functions work great, the screen turns on and off, the cover stays attached to the front fairly well, and both standing positions for typing and viewing work great. The only issue that I can point out in this great case is that the camera connection kit is not compatible. When trying to plug in the SD card dongle it would not fit. This is disappointing for those of us who may use the iPad for quick and easy photo storage. Other than that there are to many positives to this case to mention and I enjoy it greatly and plan on using it as my primary case combined with my smart cover for a long time. Go get one at for $19.95 in your Smart Cover’s color!

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