Review: Colcasac Zagora iPad 2 (with smart cover) Sleeve

Located in Utah, Colcasac makes all of their sleeves from natural biodegradable materials like hemp. Once you are done using the case for whatever reason it will actually decompose at some point. Aside from the fact that it is really natural and good for the environment it is by far the best iPad sleeve I have ever used.

It combines functionality and simplicity to make a great product. If you have the iPad 2 without the smart cover the material on the inside of the sleeve does a phenomenal job of cleaning the screen as well as the Apple logo on the back and the aluminum to a degree. But the sleeve is also large enough for you to have the smart cover on and a case that works with the smart cover like the HyperSheild I reviewed a while back or most other case options as the sleeve is pretty roomy.

Now onto one of my favorite parts of this sleeve, the front pocket. Of all things you think this would be minimal and looked over but I have wanted something like this on a sleeve for a while and the Colcasac is one of the only sleeves I have ever seen offer extra storage other than the main iPad pocket. Anyways I love it because it is the perfect place to keep my Griffin Stylus for when I take notes or just want to doodle or something, so it’s always close by and I seem to lose it a lot less now that I have a place for it. The pocket also offers a great place for my iPhone to keep it in a place for easy access during short travel. But my absolute favorite thing about the sleeve is the protection I get from it. I have actually dropped my iPad from about waist high, but no damage was done thank to the thick padding offered by the Colcasac. It was the best feeling to see my screen light up without any issue or cracks and I owe it all to this awesome product.

All together there aren’t many things that I don’t like about the sleeve but it does have a few loose stitching here and there like around the logo and Velcro but it was easily fixed by cutting the stray pieces off and was probably caused by my full time use. I would definitely recommend this sleeve to anyone who as an iPad as it is great to just carry your iPad to school or work with a pocket to store a charger, stylus, or even your iPhone, it offers great protection, and not to mention its pretty stylish to. The Colcasac Zagora iPad sleeve is priced at only $35.00. So visit and check them out and get one for yourself and let me know how you like it in the comments!

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