Review: Magic Cube Virtual Keyboard

Celluon’s Magic Cube Keyboard (Available on Amazon for $169.99) is a laser keyboard that can be projected on any flat surface. This very cool and useful keyboard can be paired with just about any and all devices that have bluetooth including mac, pc, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and android devices. I have been mainly using it with my iOS devices because the hardware keyboard on my MacBook is a bit more practical. But when paired with an iPad or iPhone most will experience a much better typing experience so long as your willing to try.

The keyboard is fairly easy to use except for one thing that baffles me is that the period is in the most stupid place I have ever seen on a keyboard located toward the top right as if it were a minimally used keystroke. Although when the “press spacebar twice to add a period” is enabled in iOS it isn’t so bad but i use periods in other ways that this keyboard makes difficult. Other than that the keyboard is incredibly responsive contrary to what you might think at first glance. From what i have gathered looking at the manual and the device itself it works by shining and infrared light on the table where your fingers will hit then some sort of camera that is in the center picks up your strokes, and of course just some type of laser is at the top to actually display the keys. When first using the keyboard it takes some getting used to because of the fact you cant really rest your fingers anywhere but they can be very very close. The keyboard wont really pick up strokes until you actually touch the projected key which is pretty cool because you would think it would pick up the wrong keys all the time just because your fingers hovered passed it. Also the keyboard is sort of useful to most people because to me it is easy to use along with my friend who are good with computers but when put into the hands of a slow typer or just someone that is intimidated by the keyboard it doesn’t work well because they don’t really understand the concept. But overall it has been very practical and I use it frequently in place of my virtual keyboard in iOS. Go pick one up and tell us what you think of it in the comments!


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  1. Pat says

    I wonder if you can type on such a keyboard without looking at it. I prefer looking at the screen when I type something instead of focusing on the keys. Is this possible with such a keyboard or a you a ‘keyboard looker’?

    • says

      Yeah I am the kind of person that stares at the keyboard without ever looking away but I had several friends of mine use the keyboard and one of them who is an amazing at typing and always watches the screen didn’t really have issues…it takes a few minutes to get ur hands placed correctly but eventually it becomes natural.

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