Review: Cocoon Harlem iPad Sling

The Cocoon Harlem iPad bag made for iPad and iPad 2 combines Cocoon’s award winning Gird-It functionality with yet another functional bag. Mine, in gray with an orange interior, is very nice looking and is very comfortable to wear. It can be taken just about anywhere as it doesn’t really stick off your back to far and it’s very lightweight. I have found that the bag is the perfect size and it can hold all my iPad accessories like my camera connection kit, a dock, a charger for my iPad and iPhone, and HDMI cord plus the HDMI iPad cord, a point and shoot camera, a couple SD cards, a stylus, and a bunch of other stuff.

Not only does it come with the convenient Grid-It system but there are several organizing pockets in the center zipper as well as an outer zipper pocket that can house and iPhone or iPod with a hole for headphones to be ran though.  Then the pocket for the actual iPad gives great protection with lots of padding and can house and iPad 2 with about any case on it, with some patience I was actually able to fit my iPad in the pocket with Colcasac Sleeve on it because the pocket is pretty roomy but houses the iPad well.

This bag offers a great way to travel quickly with lots and lots of stuff. You won’t be disappointed with this bag as you can take just about anything with you. I don’t have a keyboard at the moment but I am sure you could fit a keyboard dock or wireless keyboard in the center pocket as well. This bag has provided me with great convenience and I love carrying it with me wherever I go. Go check them out and pick one up at for $54.99 and tell me what you think in the comments!



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