Review: PowerSkin Battery Case iPhone 4

The PowerSkin iPhone Charging Case is a new and great innovation to extended battery cases for the iPhone. What is new and great about this case is that it combines a protective and durable silicon case with an extended battery to charge your iPhone.

It’s simple and works like every other extended battery case but this one stands out to me. Personally I have always preferred silicon over a hard plastic case due to the fact that it offers shock resistance and will protect the phone better than a hard case that just transfers the shock and makes the damage worse. So as a case that keeps your precious iPhone in good condition, this is a pretty good choice, but that’s not all.

Of course the main function of this case is to extend/charge your battery and boy does it do it’s job we’ll. I have experienced great charging results and would definitely agree with their claim of giving you twice the battery power. We can’t stop there though, the aesthetics of this accessory are great as well. It is light weight and very thin (.77 inches) for an extended battery case.

Now onto features and usage of the case. First and almost most importantly this case lets you not only charge with its built in micro USB port but also sync with iTunes. So from now on you don’t have to remove the case just to sync and back up your iPhone to iTunes. (Wireless Syncing is available in iOS 5 though!) The PowerSkin also has a clever and smart power button. Next to the battery level indicator light on the bottom is a button like most other cases that turns on the lights to check the battery level, but this one is special in that when holding it for two seconds it will turn the case on or off. For me this fixes many issues I have had with other cases in that I had one with a switch for the power and after lots of use it broke and would no longer turn the case on. This will be completely avoided so long as the button provided is pretty durable.

Next their speaker solution is a great one compared to others. When putting and iPhone in an extended battery case they are too bulky and cover the speakers of the iPhone. Most cases have made a solution of putting holes in the case that direct the sound through small tubes. Power Skin does it differently in that there is a space between the bottom of the phone and the edge of the case. The sound is still directed towards you but now there isn’t a place for dust to collect and make the case look dirty. Overall much thought and care has been put into this case and it is definitely my favorite of all extended battery cases for the iPhone. So go to and check them out to pick one up for $69.99 and tell me what you think in the comments!


You may also be able to pick it up on Amazon for $50.


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