Review: Loop iPod Nano Wristband

The iPod nano has been destined to be a watch ever since its release. I have had several watch bands but this one really is my favorite. I found it on kickstarter and loved it instantly. It is very modern and sleek looking especially in the sheer white color. My first concern though was if the white would discolor like most white silicon cases do but after about two weeks of use it still shows no sign of any discoloring. It is great as I have had tons of issues with cases discoloring so this is a great new change. My only problem I have probably had with the case is that it isn’t all too protective. The sides of the Nano are slightly protected but definitely not very durable and the screen is totally vulnerable with no edge around the screen to give any protection. This issue is solved very easily with a screen protector but it still can be a cause for concern. Overall though you are taking a risk wearing the nano on your wrist so just be careful and enjoy the style and function that this new wristband brings. There are a lot of options out there but out of all that I have used I would put this option first due to its style, comfort, and function. Check out their Kickstarter page here to get more information.

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