Seamlessly Embedded Heart Rate Monitor In Next iPhone

Looks like Apple just applied for another cool patent. They have had great success with Nike by tracking your runs, but now it looks like you will also be able to track your heart rate at the same time. This may make it into the next iPhone or even the next iPod Touch. Fingers crossed! […]

iPad Skateboard: Will It Shred?

Built To Shred host Jeff King and professional skater Chad Knight take a brand new 64GB iPad 3G and turn it into a skateboard. They have a few problems at first but eventually make it rideable and find a good use for it on the skate ramp. Pretty cool. A lot more entertaining than “Will […]

UPDATED: iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 Released

Head on over to the Dev Center if you are a registered user. No news on what has changed in Beta 3 yet. I hope that it is a lot better than beta 2. I had to downgrade back to Beta 1 as beta 2 was too buggy for my liking. If you still would […]

ABC 3G iPad App Update Coming Soon.

Some new iPad 3G users found out the hard way that streaming ABC shows on the iPad through ABC’s iPad app had some issues.  You need to be on WiFi currently for it to work.  ABC has already submitted an update to the AppStore and should be available soon. In order to support streaming on […]

Apple Passes Motorolla, Now #1 In U.S.!

Hey guys. Some breaking news hitting our newsroom this morning. It seems as though Apple is now the #1 phone manufacturer in the U.S.! They have just passed Motorola. Apple sold 8.8 Million iPhones in Q2 and Morotola sold just 8.0 Million decvices. This is a huge day for Apple. A great acvomplishment indeed. Now, […]

Chopper 2: Very Cool Use Of iPad And iPhone

Chopper 2 looks very cool!  You get to control your chopper from your iPhone while you watch all the action on your iPad’s screen. This game is not available yet. It should be out later this year. As the game is still not complete, you can expect to see a few changes before release. The […]

Louis Vuitton’s $366 iPad Case

So  you just paid $500 for an iPad and now you need a protective case…  Why not blow another $366 and get a Louis Vuitton iPad case? This is absolutely ridiculous.  You have way too much money if you can afford one of these.  Do something better with your money and donate it to a good cause. […]

AT&T Micro Sim And Full Sim Adapter

It looks like AT&T is making it easy to buy just one sim.  You get a full size sim with the option for a micro sim.  Once you punch out the micro sim though there is no going back. If you decide you want to take your micro sim out of your iPad 3G and […]

iPad 3G Models Are Shipping!

Looks like Apple is shipping out your 3G iPad preorders.  You should see yours delivered on Friday or if you did not preorder you can pick it up at the Apple store at 5PM this Friday. Usually Apple ships their preordered products overnight so some people may see it a bit earlier. Did you preorder […]