My Suspicions Confirmed: The iPad Came Before The iPhone

Well last night, my suspicions were confirmed. Ever since I got my iPad, I always said “Wow, I can never look at my iPhone the same way again, this is how the iPhone OS was always meant to be. Well, seems like I was absolutely correct. Steve Jobs confirmed it last night.

As you know, the All Things D. D8 conference had a very special guest, Steve Jobs. Well, he even shared a secret with everyone…

Apparently, the iPhone and iPad projects have been alive and well since 2000 (and maybe even 1999). Steve Jobs had his engineers create his dream tablet. When they were finished, he looked at it and said “‘My God we can build a phone out of this”. So then he gave the tablet to some of his UI engineers and they worked on “inertial scrolling and other cool things”.

Here’s his exact words: “I had this idea about having a glass display, a multitouch display you could type on. I asked our people about it. And six months later they came back with this amazing display. And I gave it to one of our really brilliant UI guys. He then got inertial scrolling working and some other things, and I thought, ‘my god, we can build a phone with this’ and we put the tablet aside, and we went to work on the phone.”

Another small piece of information, my sources say that the iPad (was born in late 1999) as well as that it was codenamed “Safari Pad”. Also, that it was scraped many many times due to battery issues. They had to find a way to get some kickass battery. (So all of those times people talked about a tablet coming that year, they were correct)

Well, I always knew. The iPad just feels right. Having the pleasure to own an iPhone and an iPad, I honestly can’t look at my iPhone the same (I thought this long before Steve Jobs confirmed it). People have even called me crazy for thinking such a thing, well, who’s laughing now. 🙂

Also, for all of you haters out there, stop saying that the iPad is a big iPhone or a big iPod touch, it’s not. The iPhone and iPod touch are just a scaled down iPad. Served.


  1. T says

    Well yeah they are just a scaled down iPad but that’s the same thing as the iPad being a bigger iPhone 😛 But yeah the ipad is a nice thing to surf the web and check email on but when people compare it to a MacBook air
    and netbooks, it just pisses me off. Really there is no feature on it that the iPhone doesn’t have. Right? So wouldn’t that mean that the iPhone/itouch would be compared to netbooks and mac airs too? No. Because they’re not even close.

  2. says

    There is only 1 true thing and one other flaw that makes this not as good as my Mac, besides that, its better in most ways.

    1) iPhone App Development. I hope Apple makes an XCode and Interface Builder for the iPad.

    2) The flaw is that u have to sync with iTunes. It should work out of the box, none of this stupid connect to iTunes crap

  3. T says

    The major reason I don’t like it that much is because the only thing I would use it for is class to type up stuff but I tried to type on that thing at the apple store without 2 fingers only and it wasn’t very easy.. On a notebook with a physical keyboard that you don’t have to carry around and attach like the ipad I can type 90+ WPM. On an iPad maybe 20 WPM. Idk I honestly think the ipad is just a toy but I guess I can’t argue with 2,000,000 sales. Hmph.

  4. T says

    The reason I’m being a douche right now is because I just bought the i7 MacBook pro and someone actually asked me why I didn’t get the ipad instead…. They are two completely different things.

  5. says

    T: Actually, the first day that I got to use my iPad (well, first night, I didn’t sleep because I was waiting for it to sync all my stuff, AAC conversion TAKES FOREVER!) anyways, I tried typing and it was a little difficult. Now, (about a month later) I can type faster than on a real keyboard.

    Same with my iPhone. I can type soooooo fast.

    I have written 100% of my articles in the past few months on an iPhone OS device. Let that be my iPhone or my iPad.

    And I agree. Its not a laptop, its not a smartphone, its a new type of device.

    I use my iPad a lot more than my Mac (hackintoshed netbook). I use my iPhone when Im going to the store, and I use my iPad at home, school, and other places like that.

    The only reason I need to use my laptop for is honestly, as an alarm clock (Im a very heavy sleeper, I installed the iPhone Clock app on my iPad and i use that and an app on my comp) and for iPhone app development.

    That’s all. Even I was surprised. Theres an app for everything.

    I dont really use a bunch of different apps (yet I have all of my pages 100% full, except the front page) however, the iWork suite is amazing on iPad. Its easier to use than on my Mac. (It took me a while to memorize what taps do what and stuff, but nothing impossible)

  6. T says

    Oh. Thanks for the info. Now I kinda want to get one. Thanks a lot -.- haha. I think I’ll wait for flash or HTML5 tho.

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