Operation Chokehold: The Sequel

Here we go again, Operation Chokehold seems to be happening again. As well as last time, they have good reason to start this again.

They are going to go over the 2GB data cap. They are asking people to use up as much data as fast as possible to cause a strain on the AT&T network.

They are doing this to protest AT&T’s insanely unfair data plan changes. I, Alan Vazquez, support their cause 110%. (My views are my own and may not particularly reflect the views of everyone else here or the website itself)

As you recall, AT&T rapidly started upgrading their network in an effort to stop the Operation Chokehold from succeeding. So, worst comes to worst, AT&T customers will get better service, the service they deserve.

They want Operation Chokehold #2 to take place right after WWDC. Looks like we’ll be covering Operation Chokehold as well as WWDC on June 7th. See you there!

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