AT&T Kills Unlimited iPad 3G Data Plan…Wait, WHAT?!

Yes everyone, this is some very odd breaking news just slamming us this morning. It seems as though AT&T has unexpectadly killed the iPad’s unlimited $30 a month data plan!

Instead, they are offering a measly 2GB “Data Pro” plan for $25.

The new data plan changes will kick in on June 7th (hmmm….. I smell new iPhone/iPad carriers…afterall, June 7th is Steve’s Keynote).

As for all of you who already have the $30 unlimited data plan, you’re lucky (who knows for how long though) you can grandfather the plan so you can stay on unlimited data. However, as I said, all new customers starting June 7th are doomed to 2GB for $25.


  1. kurufen says

    wow… Thank God I held back on that 3G Ipad I wanted to buy…

    is there a way to like sue AT&T for the sudden change in their data plans? I mean I would understand a little more raise in the data plan… maybe $40 unlimited… but not kill it… horrible news

  2. LEI Mobile says

    I dont think this means there will be new carriers. I think ATT wants to make more money. If the iPhone/iPad are exclusive to ATT, they can charge whatever they want and people will pay.

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