CONFIRMED: iPhone HD To Have 940 X 640 Screen, IPS Technology

Well everyone, it’s time to confirm our suspicions! We can now confirm that the next iPhone will have a 940 X 640 screen! Now for the cherry on top, it will have IPS technology as well. This is the same great technology as in our iPads today. It allows for better wide-viewing angles so you can see it while looking at it from any angle.

Also, according to our own sources, I can confirm that the iPhone HD will have 301 pixels per inch. That’s an INSANELY awesome screen.

This would put the “iPhone HD”‘s screen as the highest resolution screen in a smartphone, or any phone, ever.

This fact was confirmed when put an iPhone HD under a microscope. They verified everyone’s suspicions.

WWDC is proving to be some crazy sh*t! I can’t wait!


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