Tap and Hold for More Info In iOS 5 Music.app

Yet another feature has been discovered in the, what seems to be never ending, iOS 5 Beta. While listening to some music today I pressed one too many seconds long on a song to discover a new info window. When pressing for about 2 seconds a black pop-up appears and displays the song name, album, […]

Take Pictures With Your iPhones Headset With iOS 5

The new iOS had amazed me all last week while I started testing it but this is yet another cherry on top today. As I took a picture that I launched from the lock screen and then used the volume up as shutter, I thought, couldn’t I use the volume up on my headset? So […]

FAQ: How To Fix iOS 5 Photo Sync Issues

Hey guys, now, as you know, iOS 5 has been around for a few days and I have been playing around with it since it came out on Monday. However, there was one thing that I could not do with my iPhone anymore, and that was sync photos correctly. It would sync about 100 out […]

[UPDATED] Review + Tutorial: iPhone IMEI Remote Unlock

  AT&T iPhone IMEI Unlocking Service Only $35   iPhone Unlocking is now illegal. Message us for more details.  [Update] Hey guys, if you want to ensure that your unlock stays forever (even if Apple makes your IMEI uneligable again, download SAM Prefs by going to Cydia and adding the source “http://repo.bingner.com”. Then after you […]

Tutorial: Prevent iPhone 4 Baseband Update iOS 4.3.1 Upgrade

Now that UltraSn0w has been updated to support iOS 4.3.1 and the jailbreak is also untethered, you can now easily upgrade to the latest iOS and preserve your baseband so that you can unlock your iPhone 4.  This tutorial will show you how to preserve your iPhone 4 baseband and unlock.  This is assuming that […]

How To Set Up Find My iPhone

Setup Find My iPhone: Follow the steps below to set up the free Find My iPhone feature. Already a MobileMe subscriber? Visit the MobileMe site to learn how to set up your device. 1.        Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 4.2. If you’re creating a free account for the first time, you need an iPhone 4. 2.        […]

Backup Your Application Data With AppBackup

AppBackup, developed by Scott Zeid, is a Cydia application that lets you backup and restore your application data on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This includes saved settings, levels, achievements, etc. This is very handy if you are doing an upgrade to a new iOS firmware and want to setup your iDevice as a […]