[UPDATED] Review + Tutorial: iPhone IMEI Remote Unlock


AT&T iPhone IMEI Unlocking Service Only $35


iPhone Unlocking is now illegal. Message us for more details.

[Update] Hey guys, if you want to ensure that your unlock stays forever (even if Apple makes your IMEI uneligable again, download SAM Prefs by going to Cydia and adding the source “http://repo.bingner.com”.

Then after you install (you must reboot) you have to go into the app (should be a SIM card) and tap “utilities” and then backup activation. Your NCK (unlock) will be sent to the cloud where it can be restored later. 🙂

Hey guys, well, as you may have heard, there are now new ways to unlock your iPhone! Now, this is a great service, why? You don’t need to care about baseband updates anymore!

Once you are unlocked via IMEI, then all you have to do is plug it into iTunes.

Today, I will be reviewing an unlocking service, unlock-network.com.

Unlock-Network.com is a very well organized company that was great to work with. They are also very reliable and were the only ones that I felt could handle my personal information.

Now, I’ve made a video showing you how the whole process happens:

So basically, this is how it all works. You go to Unlock-Network.com and you choose which device you want to unlock (in my case, it was the iPhone 3G [S]). Then, you just enter your IMEI (to find your IMEI, dial *#06# on your iPhone) and then choose which network the phone is locked to. (Everyone in the U.S. should click “AT&T/Cingular”.)

Then, you have the option to pay with either PayPal or Google Checkout. It will be $174.99 for an iPhone.

Now, it may look like a steep price at first, but keep in mind that if you live in the U.S. you would have to pay atleast $1,000 for a phone from another country. If you want to have a 32 GB model, then it goes up to $1,500, at least.

It’s a good deal that can potentially save you hundreds.

Now, the unlock is performed remotely, to finish the unlocking process, plug your iPhone into an internet-enabled computer and sync with iTunes.

That’s it!

It’s incredibly easy and I can confirm that this works 100%! It took a matter of hours for me to recieve my confirmation that it was unlocked.

They advertise a 24-48 hours delivery time. They will also give you your money back if the unlock doesn’t work for any reason.

This will work on all baseband versions (they even advise you to update to iOS 4.3.1/4.3.2 before unlocking) and it will work on any and all models of the iPhone 3G [S] and iPhone 4.

So there you go guys! Happy unlocking!

Thanks to Unlock-Network.com for the unlock!

Here’s an image gallery that shows you some highlights from the unlock process:

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  1. Carlos Santos says

    What was your BB and IOS version when you unlocked? It’s better to be updated, both BB and IOS to the unlock?

    • says

      It doesnt matter, since iTunes does it, BB and iOS versions are irrelevant bcuz its official and shouldnt rely on trivial things like that 😛

    • says

      I am on iOS 4.3.1 and baseband 05.13.04 in the video. That’s because I haven’t had the need to restore so I’m still on the 4.0 baseband (since the official imei unlock was just a day old since I did my video).

      Also, as Brandon said. Baseband doesn’t matter.

      And I doubt Apple would do anything to relock.

  2. Andrew says


    I got a conformation email that my iphone has been unlocked and that I should connect it to iTunes to unlock it

    when i connect to iTunes, it says,”the sim card inserted in this phone does not appear to be supported”

    what should i do now?

    • says

      Make sure that you are connected to the internet and updated to the latest iTunes and atleast iOS 4.3.1.

      If you still don’t see anything, try restoring and trying to activate it with a non-AT&T SIM.

      If all else fails, verify that your IMEI is EXACTLY the same as the IMEI that you submitted. If even 1 number is wring, then it won’t work.

      Contact them if this is the case or if you still can’t get it to work.

      • Andrew says

        I did. I restored it to 4.3.2, when i connect to iTunes with non At&T SIM, it says “the sim card inserted in this phone does not appear to be supported”

        WHAT DO I DO NOW?

  3. Andrew says

    no progress. I’ve been reading online about this and most sites say that all unlocks have been temporarily paused and might resume Tuesday(19 April)

    so I’m waiting patiently…

    • says

      The issue is that there is only 1 supplier for all of these other reseller companies so they are getting swamped.

      (I got information from one of the resellers (not unlock-network.com) that this was the case and they explained how it all worked) so it is legit, however, they just have so many orders that they need time to finish them before being able to accept new orders from the resellers.

      • Andrew says

        but I ordered on the 15th.. I guess thats considered as a NEW order..
        Hmmm but I did get a conformation email that my phone is unlocked and that I should connect to iTunes, but it didn’t unlock 🙁
        I don’t care for the refund, I just want my iPhone unlocked 🙁

        • says

          I would go ahead and contact them. We’re not in business with them, so you would need to send them an email. Check your account on their website. If it says “Complete” then it should work (Verify the IMEI is the same, I’m almost certain this is the issue. That the IMEI you sent may be slightly off from the IMEI on your phone.

  4. LEZBE says

    je possede un iphone 4 os 4.3.1 bb 03.10.01, c’est un iphone venu de grande bretagne est je ne possede plus la carte sim d’origine. Est ce que je pourrais le faire déverouiller?

  5. llina says

    i found a iphone 4 and it has been blocked. so this unlocks the imei? how does the imei change?? HELP PLEAASSEE

  6. unlocked iphone,unlock iphone,iphone unlocked,unlocking iphone,iphone repair,iphone 4 unlocked,iphone 3gs unlocked,iphone unlock says

    Thanks , I have just been looking for information about this topic for a while and yours is the best I have came upon so far. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive in regards to the supply?

  7. John says

    I got my iPhone permanent unlocked via IMEI and it works GREAT, no more hassle with Gevey sims and no worries about future iOS updates!

  8. BigArchie says

    i found a iPhone 4gs 6.1 ios and it has been blocked. so this unlocks the imei? how does the imei change?? HELP ( got the phone unlock but the imei is steel Block . y) ???

  9. KHEDDOUCI says

    Hello, I bought an iphone4 from canada Montreal I think it is the operator bell, I can not unlock possible in France .je can give you the features of the iphone 4

  10. says

    To jailbreak an iphone means to enjoy the software and applications outside the app store.
    This is an ID that allows the network to identify your phone and get it linked to the
    service). Do not utilize any accessories for your phone that
    are not made by apple.

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