Take Pictures With Your iPhones Headset With iOS 5

The new iOS had amazed me all last week while I started testing it but this is yet another cherry on top today. As I took a picture that I launched from the lock screen and then used the volume up as shutter, I thought, couldn’t I use the volume up on my headset? So I plugged the headset in, propped up my iPhone, stepped back, and took a pic from the cords distance. This may not have too many uses but it is still pretty cool especially if somebody designed some sort of bluetooth shutter button. Give me your ideas in the comments!

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    • says

      Maybe…if it has a volume up feature, but even still only some headsets are compatible with just turning the volume up on the iPhone. I think Apples headset is one of the only headsets that can do so.

  1. Bling B says

    My head phones do it all change the song back and forth. Pause and play. But now that I think about it it’s the headset vol. That changes not my iPod.

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