T-Mobile MMS Settings For iOS 5 and iOS 6

The MMS settings for T-Mobile on iOS 6. These are the exact same as iOS 4 and iOS 5. Currently the easiest way to get MMS working on tmobile is to jailbreak and install the fix from our repo.

Now what happens if you have an unlocked iPhone 4S running on T-Mobile like I do? Well, right now there is no way to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and so you can’t get MMS working. Don’t worry, LEI Mobile has your back. If you have a factory unlocked iPhone and DO NOT want to Jailbreak or can’t Jailbreak but want MMS settings for T-Mobile I have a solution.

First off here are the correct MMS settings for T-Mobile on iOS 5.

Jailbreaking Required Settings:

Please add our Cydia repo to find the iPhone MMS Fix for T-Mobile.
Our Repo is  http://beta.leimobile.com/repo/

To install our repository you will open up Cydia. Click on Manage at the bottom. Click On Edit in the top right. Click Add in the top left. Type http://beta.leimobile.com/repo/ and then press Add Source.  Then Click on the LEI Mobile source and install the T-Mobile MMS Fix or the Simple Mobile MMS Fix if you have Simple Mobile.

Once you install the fix you will need to reboot your phone and go into Settings->General->Network-> Cellular Data Network and make sure the APN is correct for both your data APN and your MMS APN. All other settings should be filled in. Depending on your plan you may have different settings. If you don’t know the correct settings try them all.  The most common is epc.tmobile.com and wap.voicestream.com. Others include internet2.voicestream.com and internet3.voicestream.com

Here is a video to help out:

UPDATE: This method will work on the latest version of iOS including iOS 6

Now if you have a factory unlocked iPhone and do not want to jailbreak to get MMS working on T-Mobile you can do some tweaking to your backup files.
1. First things first. Make a full backup of your iPhone in iTunes.
2. Download the program iBackupBot. Make sure to select Mac or Windows. You may use the free trial, but it is best to purchase!
3. Launch iBackupBot and just hit OK to all of the messages that may pop up. It may take a while to load all the device information if you have multiple backups saved on your computer.
4. Once loaded you will want to find your most recent backup on the left had side and select it.
5. Next you will see a list of files show up in the right-hand box. Scroll down until you see Library/Preferences/com.apple.mms_override.plist.

6. Double click on the mms override.plist and it will pop up a box to edit the file.
7. Download this com.apple.mms_override.plist (mirror link here) and paste the contents into the box or manually write it out based on the picture below. Then Save and Close the file.

8. Now put a check mark in the box next to Library/Preferences/com.apple.mms_override.plist and then click on File at the top and select restore.
9. iBackupBot will restore this new edited file onto your iPhone. Make sure you set your APN correctly and all of the other info is filled in. The cellular Data APN can be whatever T-Mobile gives you. The MMS APN must be wap.voicestream.com.
10. Reboot and enjoy MMS picture messaging on T-Mobile!

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How To Delete Photos From iCloud Photo Stream

So you turned iCloud on when you upgraded to iOS 5 and also switched on Photo Stream only to find some embarrassing pictures syncing to all of your devices including iPhoto. Now you want to delete that picture but cant figure out how? Currently Apple has no way of deleting a single photo. All you can do is delete all of your pictures from photo stream.

In order to delete a single photo one must log into their iTunes account at iCloud.com.

1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner and it will bring up your account options.

2. Click On Advanced and you will see the Reset Photo Stream button. Clicking this button will remove all your Photo Stream photos from iCloud. Once removed, they cannot be recovered, but you can re-upload any photos you’d like to restore to your Photo Stream from a Mac or PC. It will not remove any photos that have already been downloaded to your iOS device or computer.

3. Now if you want to remove the photos from your devices you have to go to Settings -> iCloud -> Photo Stream and turn off Photo Stream and then turn it back on.

4. If you want to remove them from your Mac in iPhoto, you will need to go to preferences -> Photo Stream. Turn it off and then turn it back on.

5. If you want to remove them from a Windows PC, you can delete the photos from the default folder location: C:\Users\Apple\Pictures\Photo Stream\My Photo Stream

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Can I Jailbreak My iPhone?

The iPhone Dev Team has set up a site titled http://Jailbrea.kr/ which helps you determine if you can jailbreak your iPhone and what tools you need to perform the jailbreak. The website was created by chpwn, and the domain is donated by MuscleNerd. Follow @iphone_dev and @chronicdevteam for up-to-the-minute info. For even older versions, you might want to try here.

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Fix: Lost all of my contacts after iOS 5 with iCloud upgrade

Here is a possible fix if you can still see your contacts in your text message area.

1. Open up the Messages app and view a recent text message from someone you know is saved in your contacts.

2. Scroll up to the very top and you will Contact > at the top right.

3. When you click that you should see the info for that person.  Add Something to the contact like a fake phone number. (You can delete this latter on.)

4. Press the back button and go back to the messages app and magically all you contacts will be restored.

If you can’t see your contacts in the messages app then you will need to restore from a backup in iTunes.

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iPhone 4S model numbers

These are the current iPhone 4S US model numbers that I have found as well as a few sample international models. If you have the international list please let us know.

We will update this page often until it is complete.  Please send us any info you find.  Thanks!



Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White AT&T MC920LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 16GB Black AT&T MC918LL/A

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White AT&T MC921LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 32GB Black AT&T MC919LL/A

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB White AT&T MD271LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 64GB Black AT&T MD269LL/A


Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White Verizon MD277LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 16GB Black Verizon MD276LL/A

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White Verizon MD279LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 32GB Black Verizon MD278LL/A

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB White Verizon MD281LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 64GB Black Verizon MD280LL/A


Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White Sprint MD378LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 16GB Black Sprint MD377LL/A

Apple iPhone 4S 32GB White Sprint MD380LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 32GB Black Sprint MD379LL/A

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB White Sprint MD382LL/A

Apple iPhone  4S 64GB Black Sprint MD381LL/A


USA Officially Unlocked iPhone 4S:

iPhone 4S – Unlocked (GSM) – 16GB Black Unlocked MD234LL/A

iPhone 4S – Unlocked (GSM) – 32GB Black Unlocked MD241LL/A

iPhone 4S – Unlocked (GSM) – 64GB Black Unlocked MD257LL/A

iPhone 4S – Unlocked (GSM) – 16GB White Unlocked MD237LL/A

iPhone 4S – Unlocked (GSM) – 32GB White Unlocked MD244LL/A

iPhone 4S – Unlocked (GSM) – 64GB White Unlocked MD260LL/A


International Examples:


Apple iPhone  4S 32GB Black MD241C/A


Apple iPhone  4S 32GB Black MD242B/A


Apple iPhone  4S 32GB Black MD241X/A

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  • mc920ll/a
  • MC920LL
  • at&t iphone 4s model number
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Get an iPhone 4S Unlocked with No Contract Early

So Apple decided to only allow people to pre-order the iPhone 4S with a 2 year service contract. If you were like a lot of people and stayed up late last night to pre-order an unlocked iPhone 4S with no contract only to find out Apple will not sell it to you, then here is how to get it early.

Apple posted on their website that they will not sell no contract unlocked iPhone 4S’s until November. If you are not eligible for an upgrade, would prefer not to sign a contract with a carrier, or are a T-Mobile customer who wants an iPhone 4S early this is how you can get it.

Head over to Verizon’s website and click on pre-order iPhone 4S. Select new customer, enter your zip code, and then click buy device with service. (Please note that we are not signing a 2 year contract, only month to month.) Next select individual or business account. You will then see in red, pricing for 2-year contact. Change this to Month-to-Month. You can now select which iPhone 4S you want at the full price. 16GB is $649, 32GB is $749, and 64GB is $849.

It will then Ask you to select a service plan, select individual and choose the cheapest monthly payment possible. (Don’t worry we will not be paying monthly, because we will not activate the iPhone 4S when we get it, or cancel service right when we get it.)


Please note that there are still a few questions that I have and I cannot guarantee this will work for everyone.

Q.  Will the iPhone 4s from Verizon be unlocked to use on T-Mobile USA or anywhere else in the world?

a.  Apple announced that the iPhone 4S was a world phone and would be unlocked to work everywhere, but We are getting reports that this may be different in the US until November.

Q. Will I get charged for 1 month of service?

a. Possibly, you may be able to get away without activating it or you can possibly cancel the service right away and have them just bill you for the iPhone 4s.


So worst case scenario is that if this does not work you can get a full refund if you cancel within 3 days I think. You will then just have to wait to get an Unlocked iPhone 4S from Apple in November.  If you have any other questions or ideas please let us know.


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