[Nonsense] Apple Rejects Apps Using Dropbox

Apple has taken obsess with their rules a bit too far this time. Apple is now rejecting that use Dropbox as a service because in some circumstances a user may be able to “purchase” storage with Dropbox through the app and bypass the In-App Purchase model. Most apps rejected are given the following reason: “Reason […]

Review: Electric Bird

We all know the Angry Birds phenomenon, hurl these little birds to take down some pigs. As fun as that is, theres times when you need something different. Electric Bird is that different. If you saw a bunch of birds sitting on a power line, what would you do if you didn’t have to worry […]

Review: Live365, Rediscover Radio

We all know about Pandora Radio, you type in an artist or song name and it might play that in the next hour. Live365 is different. Live365 Radio is the world’s most diverse radio network connecting you to actual internet radio stations, not just playlists of songs. You can listen to almost anything you want, […]

Review: Awesome Calendar for iOS

Does the iCal application built into your iPhone just not cut it anymore? Pick up Awesome Calendar and see if it makes your life a bit easier. It syncs with iCloud or Google Calendar so you have a perfect way to keep all your devices up to date. It will even use iCal and Notifications […]

Review: Place

  Today I’m reviewing a neat little App called Place, by Sparlking Apps the same who brought us Talk to Eve. Don’t know any restaurants near by to eat at? Ask Place! Just open up the app, type or ask, about a type of place and the app shall answer. You can simply ask “Where […]

Review: Endless War

Today we are looking at Endless War by Omnitel. Endless War is a very graphical space shooter game with one simple rule: Get them before they get you! The controls aggravate me a bit however, you have to drag your ship where you want it on screen. The bright side is your ship fires automagically […]

[Review] Talk to Eve

Now here’s something that might keep you or the kids entertained for awhile. Developed by Sparkling Apps, Talk to Eve is a simple AI of sorts that you can hold an idle conversation with. She will remember details that you tell her and can bring those up at a later time. She’s not meant to […]

Review: InFrame Foto

InFrame Foto by MAKE A is a brilliant photo app that allows you to combine multiple photos into amazing spreads to share with friends and family. Currently you can select between 36 different frame sets allowing you to be very flexible in arranging your photos. It even comes with a built in photo editor so […]

Review: Shoe Wars, Feed your inner shopper!

Shoe Wars is a game for all you shopaholics out there who love to max out your credit cards! The goal is to go from store to store, higher up in the mall to collect shoes and a higher credit card debt. Though-out the game you can find credit boosters that send you and your […]

Apple to face Class Action Lawsuit over Siri!

TopClassActions is reporting that iPhone 4S users are in the beginnings to file a Class Action lawsuit against Apple over the misleadings of their voice assistant Siri. “Are you unhappy with Siri? You’re not alone. A federal class action lawsuit claims the voice-activated Siri assistant on the Apple iPhone 4S doesn’t work as advertised, and […]