Review: Place


Today I’m reviewing a neat little App called Place, by Sparlking Apps the same who brought us Talk to Eve. Don’t know any restaurants near by to eat at? Ask Place! Just open up the app, type or ask, about a type of place and the app shall answer. You can simply ask “Where can I buy groceries?” and Place will find an point you to a handful of locations around you that can meet your need. Once you’ve picked a place, the app will read you the name and address and you’re ready to go.

Another cool feature is once you’ve found a place, you can use your iDevice’s camera to guide your way there via Augmented Reality. Just fire up the Augmented Reality view and a little arrow will point you in the right direction, and a little blip will appear in the camera view to identify the place you are looking for.

Place for iOS is now available for $.99 on the AppStore and is worth it for those of you who get lost quickly 😀

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