[Nonsense] Apple Rejects Apps Using Dropbox

Apple has taken obsess with their rules a bit too far this time. Apple is now rejecting that use Dropbox as a service because in some circumstances a user may be able to “purchase” storage with Dropbox through the app and bypass the In-App Purchase model.

Most apps rejected are given the following reason:

“Reason for rejection is the fact that if the user does not have Dropbox application installed then the linking authorization is done through Safari (as per latest SDK).

Once the user is in Safari it is possible for the user to click “Desktop version” and navigate to a place on Dropbox site where it is possible to purchase additional space.”

You know all those crappy apps that got on the AppStore due to lazy people in the review process? Well here’s the complete opposite, they took their time to dig through the app beyond where a normal user would care to go, just to find something wrong.

Dropbox has released an SDK update to help deal with this current dilemma, but Apple has already shown what kind of game they want to play.


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