LEI Mobile Is Now Trading Stocks!

Hey guys, Alan here, today, we would like to announce that we are now part of the growing community of websites and companies at EmpireAvenue.com! Yesterday afternoon, we made our debut and we opened at just $10.11 a share, as of right now, at 12:09 PM (central) we are trading at $39.39 a share. Our […]

Apple Confirms iCloud Reset For September 22nd

Apple has announced that there will be an iCloud reset on September 22nd. This means, all of your iCloud stuff will be deleted from Apple’s servers. This includes your Photo Stream data, back ups, calendars, address book, mail, and iTunes Match. Sources are saying that Apple will also release iOS 5 GM shortly after. Apple […]

Did MuscleNerd Just Get Hired By Apple?

Well well, it seems that we may have another Apple hire in the jailbreak community. MuscleNerd has posted what seems like himself receiving a¬†specially made Apple shirt as well as himself talking about his “host” at Apple and that he received a specially made “Muscle Nerd” guest name tag on his Apple HQ visit. If […]

First Look: Windows 8

Hey guys, well, I have been hard at work trying to get Windows 8 to be dual-booted onto my Mac with all of my hardware working 100%. I have succeeded. ūüôā I made a video for you guys that gives you a first look at Windows 8 as well as my reactions to Microsoft’s new […]

BREAKING: Apple Releases iTunes Match Beta To Developers

UPDATE: As of 8am (central time) this morning Apple temporarily closed iTunes Match sign ups. Apple claims that it is because they got their “initial developers” while reading the Apple Developer Forums suggests that the truth is that Apple’s iTunes Match servers have either crashed or are just getting bogged down. My sources say Apple […]

Steve Jobs Releases Resignation Letter To Apple Community

Hey guys, well, with the late breaking-news coming out of¬† Cupertino that Steve Jobs would now be known as “former Apple, Inc. CEO”, the¬†press¬†(and the Apple community)¬†has been sent a letter from Steve Jobs himself. The letter reads: I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my […]

BREAKING: Steve Jobs Resigns As CEO Of Apple

Holy shit, we have just all been alerted that Steve Jobs has just resigned as CEO of Apple, Inc. The positiion will be given to Tim Cook, as expected. I never thought that this day would come so soon. Steve Jobs has brought the most advanced and “magical” devices to millions of people and has […]