Did MuscleNerd Just Get Hired By Apple?

Well well, it seems that we may have another Apple hire in the jailbreak community. MuscleNerd has posted what seems like himself receiving a specially made Apple shirt as well as himself talking about his “host” at Apple and that he received a specially made “Muscle Nerd” guest name tag on his Apple HQ visit.

If Apple hired Muscle Nerd, could this be signs of new things to come? The “Pay to jailbreak” solution that I had spoken of in the past? Or just a way for Apple to silence the iPhone Dev Team? Who knows, especially now with Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO, it’s hard to tell how he will run Apple, so anything can happen, and Muscle Nerd isn’t talking.

If he does get hired by Apple, we wish him the best. Again, MuscleNerd was mostly responsible for the iPhone’s baseband hacks as well as some untethers along with the rest of the iPhone Dev Team.

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