review: Pinxter for iOS

pinxter screen

Pinxter is a new social fashion community powered by its iPhone app that enable users to quickly and easily give and receive fashion feedback. Whether an outfit, pair of shoes, accessory or anything in between, Pinxter solves the common dilemma of what looks best. Users upload photos of what they’re wearing to get “yes” or “no” votes from their friends, followers or anonymously via the entire Pinxter community. Tag brands, follow trends, and discover new looks trending in real time on Pinxter. Pinxter is free to download on the iPhone app market.

Pinxter allows you to view all of the hottest trends and styles while you can also get others to judge your style.  If you need quicker advice and feedback about your style you can promote your picture with diamonds that you have earned or purchased through in-app purchases. You also have the option to promote other people’s photos as well.

When you first launch the app you will be able to browse photos that others have posted. They will have a question tied to the photo like: “Do you like this shirt with these jeans?” You will then answer either yes or no, and in doing so you will earn a diamond and a new photo a picture will appear.

In the upper right corner you will have a history button so you can go back and view any pictures you have voted on. You can also see how the community has rated the photo as well. When you decide you want to post your own photo and question you can easily take a new pic or grab one from your camera roll. You will also have the opportunity to crop it if you need to. If you share the picture on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest you will gain 10 diamonds that you can use to promote the picture. Also at the bottom will be a star, click this and you can see all the Pinxter celebrities. These are the picture that are the highest rated.

Overall Pinxter is a very cool app to get people opinions on fashion. I like the idea that you can tag photos, but currently I do no see a way to search for specific hash tags. Hopefully this will be added soon. It would also be neat if you could save specific pictures to your favorites so you can check them out later instead of scrolling through your history.

With Pinxter, creating your style has never been so addicting and you can get started today by downloading the app on the App Store for the very low price of FREE!


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Griffin Technology Now Shipping PowerJolt SE, Their First Ever Lightning Accessory

The new PowerJolt SE auto charger for iPhone 5, iPad mini, iPad, iPod touch, and iPod nano by Griffin Technology is now shipping. Now you can charge your new iOS devices that take the lightning cable via a low profile 12 volt accessory outlet.

The PowerJolt SE provides an affordable, everyday solution for consumers looking to charge and protect their devices. Sporting a low-profile 12 volt accessory outlet and a powerful 10 watt charging circuit. The durable coiled cable with Apple’s Lightning connector stretches up to 4 feet and has an LED power indicator light that glows white when the PowerJolt SE is properly connected and ready to charge.



The PowerJolt SE is pricedt $24.99, and brings Lightning charging to the car at the most affordable price available on the market.  You can purchase the Griffin PowerJolt SE with Lightning connector immediately at

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Review: Smarter Stand for iPad

Smarter Stand is a simple accessory that will turn your Apple Smart Cover into a multi-position iPad stand. When Apple released the Smart Cover for the iPad it got the name “Smart” cover because it was magnetic and was a simple and effective way to cover your iPad. However, a cover is all it really is. Although it can act as a stand, the Smart Cover is a poor choice of stands for a lot of applications.

Introducing the Smarter Stand, designed by Dotan Saguy. It takes The Smart Cover and makes it smarter. Now your Smart Cover is not just a cover, but also a fully functional stand that can be used for multiple view pleasures. The clips are made out of ABS plastic so you know they are going to hold up for a long time. You could however use a paperclip as a cheap alternative to the Smarter Stand, but you run the risk of damaging your Smart Cover or scratching your iPad. At a current price of $14, I rather spend the money and protect my $500+ iPad.

We were able to get a pre-production sample of the Smarter Stand. The build quality of the sample is more of a prototype quality than the real finished product. This is due to the short time frame available to produce the samples within the Kickstarter project time constraints. The material used for the Smart Clips in the final product will be a much more rigid and dense type of plastic that holds its shape well and feels more substantial. As a result of the lower quality plastic used in this sample, the Smart Clips don’t slide as well as they will with the final product. However they are functional to hold the Smart Cover in the various positions described in the Quick Start Guide.

Even though the unit we review was not the final product, It was still an awesome design and worked just as expected. The pre-production model that we received very well could of been the final product. It is a sturdy plastic that will hold up overtime. Although it was tougher to move it around to certain positions, I find that to be a good problem. You don’t want them to slip and then have your iPad tumble down. Overall, Smarter Stand is a simple and effective design that everyone who uses Apple’s Smart Cover or Smart Case should have. It is money well spent!

Smarter Stand is being funded on KickStarter. It has already received over 6,500 backers who have pledged over $112,000.00. The Smarter Stand will retail for $20, but if you would like to get one before the general public you can pledge $14 or more.

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Rihanna toughens up her iPhone with ‘Knuckleduster’ case

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Brass Knuckles mixed with an iPhone? Yup, Rihanna is rocking the Knuckle Case. The Knuckle Case is made out of solid aluminum and is the perfect knockout accessory. The Knucklecase will give your iPhone the security that it needs. This iPhone case is not meant to be a weapon and the creators take no responsibility for misuse of the product.

The Knucklecase is available for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. It is priced at $99 but if you use the promo code “promo5″ you will receive 20% off. Shipping is just $4 in the US and International shipping is $7.

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NoAccSplash Released


For up to date information about NoAccSplash goto NoAccSplash Info


If you’re like me then you HATE the above image showing on your iPhone or iPod Touch more than that pesky email saying your wife just overdrew your checking account :P

If you are running a jailbroken iDevice on iOS 5.x then your in luck. I’ve written a Tweak that will make this screen go away and give you back your iPod controls so you aren’t just limited by the controls from the accessory you are using. Give NoAccSplash a try in our repo, NoAccSplash is live on the BigBoss Repo

This is iOS 5 only!! If you are on 4.x or 3.x there is a Tweak called NoAccessorySplash that will work on those firmwares. Also, send any bugs to brandon [at]


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