Simple Mobile MMS Update

Ok the repo actually works now with these new packages, but Cydia will continue to say you have a Package Update, just ignore it until we find an actual solution for MMS, then I will post instructions and remove the other packages.

Ok for those of you on Simple Mobile who have been having MMS issues we have 4 new packages that may help. Install only one at a time, reboot, make sure your APNs say “simple”, and try to receive pics. If that doesn’t work uninstall the package, reboot, then do the process over again.

Customer Support says the iPhone isn’t capable of receiving picture messages which is utter nonsense since the only thing you can’t do is FaceTime on GPRS ๐Ÿ˜›

An answer to this MMS issue is somewhere and since none of us here at LEIMobile have Simple Mobile it’s hard for us to test so email me your results as you try each package so we can find the right settings.

Good Luck All

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    • Angel Rodriguez says

      yes when you install the package just go to the settings and write simple
      where it says apn and then just wait

      • Ismael says

        No I install like 9:30pm and now is 7:00am morning I did like you say I off 3G and data network intall ok A and wait until now and no work for me I teen I have to restar my iPhone to version 4.0.1 because and tha version is gork for me before leimobile thank you or I go try al ok like u say instal and wait first to restore

        • Angel Rodriguez says

          ok maybe that will work but i think someone else using 4.2.1 got it to work you just delet package A and reboot and then instal package B and reboot

  1. Rudy says

    Brandon are u guys down again because I can receive any more pictures I don’t know why they sent them but they won’t come through i have packet a installed can u please let me
    Know what is up thank

  2. Brandon says

    It wasn’t us… The settings don’t go thru use or anything so our site being down wouldn’t affect people who already installed the fix

    @Rudy and Angel: Have yall done anything different since it was working?

  3. Ismael says

    I work now but went I get home has to check my brother iPhone his work fine I teen is the model my is MB model I don’t hes iPhone

  4. yasmani leyva says

    i tried installing package B i have not receive any more pics, and package A also stopped working. i havent received not even the old pics in a while

    • guzman says

      try pkg b but remember to reboot once u remove which ever previous one u had even if is the same one remove reboot install reboot and wait mine has been working for two days now good luck hopefully works for u

      • yasmani leyva says

        i did, but still nothing, im hoping maybe tonight ill get something, im praying i do. Thanks for your help though

        • Angel Rodriguez says

          hey yasmani i think i found something that works since for somereason niether A or B are working right try this

          delet any package you have unless its A and reboot then download package A and go to your settings and make sure it says simple in the apns and then at the mms proxy add this to the end of it :8080
          so it should look like this

          then reboot and test with a picture you should be recieving pics again let me knw if it works for you

          • yasmani leyva says

            thanks for your help bro! i tried, so far nothing but i’m going to let it adjust for a bit, maybe something will come in a bit later. cross my fingers!!!

          • Angel Rodriguez says

            yea give it some time because if you have backed up pics that havent come in yet then it will take sometime to kick in

  5. Carlos says

    Its still not working for my 3g 4.1….GRRRRR !! I’m just going to get a T-Mobile sim card and find a reasonable plan.. I’m going to keep checking on you guys though to see if any fix comes out in the future for the 4.1

  6. Carlos says

    i downloaded the original package today n started recieving mms from 1 friend who has sprint service..they’re the only one who i can recieve from..weird huh

  7. Carlos says

    Yo I gave up on SIMPLE MOBILE…Called support and they say t hey dont offer mms for the Iphone..The good people hear at LEIMOBILE cam through with some very good packages that helped fix the mms issue..I have a 3g 4.1 and I could only recieve from sprint customers and i tried every package. So I gave up….BUT look what I found a service thats been out a few months that I didnt hear of……

    FAMILY MOBILE from Wal-Mart, its under T-Mobile..$45 unlimited talk n text, add a line for $25, thats $70 a month for 2 phones…! Data packages $10 for 200mb , $25 for 500mb, and $40 for 1g….You can share ya data package and what you dont use will rollover to the next month “DAYUM GOOD” !! There customer support is great and they helped me set my Iphone 3g 4.1 up with all the settings. Only thing is that they say you cant get 3g on the iphone but on there phones you can.. Who cares as long as I can send and recieve pic mms and have a unlimited talk n text, and data plan for me and my wife for less than $80.00 a month ! So if your tired of SIMPLE MOBILE try FAMILY MOBILE from Wal-Mart..Only cost $25 for activation/sim card kit.. That includes 100mb data free, and start talking n texting immediately for just that $25….Cant beat it….Hope this helps the ones who cant get SIMPLE MOBILE to work.. Thanks Brandon and Alan.

  8. Butter says

    Hi I have a 3G 4.0.2 I installed package a about two days ago my phone just start going crazy with recieved pics but I just tried to send a pic from my phone but hasn’t come in should I move on or have somebody else try first thanks

    • Angel Rodriguez says

      you can try what i have

      at the mms proxy add this to the end of it :8080
      so it should look like this

      then reboot and test with a picture you should be recieving pics again let me knw if it works for you

      • Butter says

        I don’t Evan have a proxy e
        Entered it’s blank all I did was go pver the settings very carefully ANC uppercased the MSG after smpl. Kinda crazy and smiting is now 307200

        • Angel Rodriguez says

          when you install package A it should fill in everything except the APN where you need to add simple
          all lowercase

          amnd then add the :8080 to the proxy and reboot if the other stuff isent there then reinstall package A

          and to colin sorry bro i dont have a 2g so i wouldnt know how to help you all i can say is download package B i think that will work on the 2g then add simple to the APN’s and reboot

  9. Colin says

    What packages are you guys talking about? I need help, i have an iphone 2g and can send picture messages but cant recieve them

  10. says

    Update everyone:
    I have received a simplemobile sim card for testing thanks to Hugo from

    My current testing setup is an iPhone 4 officially unlocked on firmware 4.1 with l1meRa1n.

    I will be testing this for a few days to get the correct file for all of you. I will also upgrade to 4.2.1 to see if I can get that working as well. As soon as I have news I will post here.

    Please post your current setup when commenting here so we can all work together to find the correct solution.



    • Angel Rodriguez says

      mike ive been using package A for a long time with no problems but i added
      :8080 to the mms proxy thats what got it working right

      im on a 3g on 4.0.2

  11. says

    Whoever has MMS working where they can receive on a firmware 4.01 or higher can you please email me your Download iFile from Cydia and navigate to /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and email the file to



    • Angel Rodriguez says

      plist is a file that gets added in when you download one of the packages and i dont know i dont have a iphone 4

  12. Angel Rodriguez says

    yea because i think the I4 uses a different set up “I think” dont hold me to that since im not very familliar with these packages and different iphone versions

  13. says

    OK new update! I tried simple mobile in my officially unlocked iPhone 4. Sending and receiving is working just fine. I put my t-mobile sim into the ATT iPhone 4 which is unlocked with ultrasn0w and running 4.1 as well and MMS is not working.

    So we have some sort of issue with phones unlocked with UltraSn0w. I will continue to investigate and hopefully have a fix for everyone before my simple mobile sim runs out.

      • says

        BTW you can update this also… LOL

        “An answer to this MMS issue is somewhere and since none of us here at LEIMobile have Simple Mobile itโ€™s hard for us to test so email me your results as you try each package so we can find the right settings.”

        You guys are the best!!!!!

      • says

        I now know it has something to do with ultraSnow unlock and possibly the default bundle. I have been working every day on it, so hopefully I will get it taken care of. Hugo what phone do you have currently? I am testing with an iphone 4 from ATT unlocked with ultrasnow using 4.1 firmware and PwnageTool to jailbreak.

  14. says

    HUGE BREAKTHROUGH: Simple Mobile MMS is WORKING on iPhone 4. My setup to get it working is an AT&T iPhone 4 which is on firmware 4.0.1 with baseband 1.59.00. It was jailbroken using and I used an older version of ultrasn0w. MMS is working perfect because both sending and receiving take just a few minutes.

    I am working on the final test and will have a guide up soon. I will also upgrade back to 4.1 to see if I can produce the same results. Hang in there guys.

  15. dmart says

    the mms issue is with 4.1 firmware and above….it works fine on my 3gs with 4.0 or 4.0.1 installed but 4.1 and anything above that is where u have the issue…

  16. PitbullRD says

    My case is kind of weird, i remembered i setup the mms with no problems, tested with an at&t user friend of mine, i got all his mms, then i kept using the phone almost daily with my wife (she on metroPCS) no problem at all. One day my wife decided to change to simple mobile, i used my sim card to test a new iphone we were buying at the moment, since then i can not receive the mms, only received then 4 or 5 days later. So in my opinion they (simple mobile) did some changes on their network or apn settings. what could of happen? i just remove my sim card for 10 mins and the mms was gone? i hope we can find a way around this, i though we were going to be happy ever after with this new cheap carrier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. dmart says

    i can confirm it because i’ve been on 4.1 4.0 4.0.1 and on all of them it works sporatically two days ago all at once i recieved 23 picture messages but right after that i tried to send one to myself from another phone and i still havent received it yet? has to be a server issue…my wife’s 3gs on 4.1 works fine and it was programmed by me the same way mine is programmed!!!

    • PitbullRD says

      thats how mine been working, sometimes i receive 10 or 20 at the same time. Usually night time. So you think if we go back to 4.0 it should work? cause as i said, mine is on 4.1 and it was working for months until i decided to remove my sim card. Thats why i say it has to be a server issue and we wont be able to fix it. :S

  18. PitbullRD says

    UPDATE!! last night i upgraded my wifes iphone 3g to 4.2.1 with 6.15.00 baseband after the whole process i configure mms and everything, and tested it sending an mms to my phone, what a surprise, i received it seconds later, sent back another mms to my wife and she did received it as well. I dont know what to think, in my wifes iphone at least i made changes but in mine i didnt, so this again confirms that it has to be a network issue. If anybody else can check and post their experience will help, good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Angel Rodriguez says

    so i have a question is simple mobile working on 4.2.1 because i have a 3g thats on 4.0.2 and its working but i want to upgrade to 4.2.1 could i do that and still use my simple mobile mms ? or no?

    thanks guys

      • Angel Rodriguez says

        yea thats true i dont know i mean i looked up that you can use snowbreeze to update and preserve your baseband but if it doesnt work how do i downgrade back to 4.0?

          • Angel Rodriguez says

            ok so im on 4.2.1 and yup you were right mms doesnt work but it might be since i cant use the ultrasnow you have on your repo i have to use the official one because yours doesnt unlock the phone for some reason but anyways ill stay on 4.2 because the phone is soooo much faster and stable than 4.0 lol

    • Angel Rodriguez says

      its working now the mms is well it is on my phone i have a 3gs running 4.2.1 with the ipad baseband and i can receive and send just fine

  20. loop says

    Thanks, but I have a 3g 4.2.1 ipad baseband and sending mms is good however recieving still can not get to work.

    • Angel Rodriguez says

      hmm thats weird i mean mine was not working for a long time and then started working by itself one day so maybe your will too soon

  21. loop says

    I hope so, I just added another line Iphone 3g 3.1.2 I think thats the version. I installed the repo and again sending mms is no problem but recieving just not working it’s so weird. Thats 2 iphones not recieving mms. Thanks for the reply.

  22. loop says

    Update: I got the 4.2.1 3g with ipad baseband working finally, I did not notice there was another repo in there which I removed then rebooted and Lei repo worked.

  23. bull2k11 says

    ok guys after many restores and alot of trials i think i have found a solution to our problem and it really has nothing to do with the firmware version u have but rather apple thinking that they are helping u out (LOL)…remember when at&t was first letting us do picture messages and u would plug your phone up and itunes poped up a little message asking you if you wanted to update your carrier settings?!?!?
    well that is still going on but itunes is doing it in the back bround!!! trouble is that we dont want it to go on. your carrier bundle is being reset everytime you sync with itunes!!! that can only help you if you are on at&t no other network!!!

    so here is a solution that i found worked for me hope it helps the masses because i have sure gotten alot of help here.
    first thing u need to do is open itunes go to edit>prefernces>devices
    almost to the bottom of the little window that pops up there is an option that says “warn when 5% of the data on this computer changes” changed that option to warn when ANY of the data changes…
    next u need to open cydia then add this source:
    and install carrier reset fix.after install eject your sim and reinsert it that should reset your carrier to its propper settings. then reset your network and reinstall your simple mobile fix and you should be golden!!! if for some reason that doesnt work the other option is to do a restore then rejailbreak your device install your simple mobile fix and at that point you will have pic message in and out…..but as soon as u plug into itunes after that a message window should pop up telling you taht your carrier bundle is out of date (the nerve of apple) assuming that u changed the option in itunes at the begining of this post. now comes the sad part if you do a restore from a previous backup it will give you the carrier settings from that backup thus rendering your recieve messages useless again. hope this helps good luck…

    • Angel Rodriguez says

      ohh man thanks so much dude your awesome i always realized that every time i fixed my mms and connected to itunes it would mess up but i had no idea it was itunes lol so i did what you asked thanks again

    • Stephanie A says

      oh my goodness!! Thank you so much for trying so hard to fix this problem!! I really hope it works!! Im trying it as we speak!! Im keeping my fingers crossed!! :/

  24. bull2k11 says

    i was posting from my phone sorry for the double posts…..nothing if itunes gonna make any changed it has to tell u so if the carrier thing pops up make sure u hit cancel but on mine it came up only once and after i hit cancel it hasnt shown up again…

  25. Angel Rodriguez says

    oh ok perfect thanks so much for the fix i thought everyone had given up on the mms on iphone so seeing your what seems to be a permanent fix is awsome

  26. Stephanie A says

    I did the whole thing, exactly as you stated on ur post and i still can’t receive my mms.. I can send no problem, but I still can’t receive.. ๐Ÿ™

    • Angel Rodriguez says

      sometimes it takes a little while for the settings to kick in if you dont start recieving them after awhile do you will have to do a restore and rejailbreak like he said in his post

      • Stephanie A says

        ok, i started receiving the mms, but it says “the media content was not included due to a picture resolution or message size restriction. What should i do about this?? PLease help… ๐Ÿ™

        • Angel Rodriguez says

          hmmm thats weird thats the first thing the simple mobile mms repo fixes i wonder why thats popping up for you why dont you try reseting network settings and reinstaling the mms fix from the repo that should fix it

    • Stephanie A says

      ok, one more question. im sorry i know im being a pain in the ass.. lol
      But do i have to change anything in the mms proxy number or just leave it as is??

      • Angel Rodriguez says

        its ok lol i dont mind and no when you install the mms fix package from leimobile you dont need to change anything except for adding simple

        in the apn sections then rebooting again

        your network settings should look like this

        and remember to change the settings in itunes like bull2k11 said or else you will loose mms again ok

  27. says

    Works great just remove :8080…. Give it time. Complete two reboots after install. Simple mobile complains a lot about iPhones. Yet almost everyone in their corporate office has an iPhone

  28. J.P says

    Maybe someone can help, i have a iphone 3g bb 4.2.1 & fw 05.13.04, connected with Simple Mobile, i had fw 06.15.00 and my mms worked perfect. but i used fuzzyband to downgrade to 05.13.04 to fix the gps problem i was having, after i did this my mms stopped working, i tried restoring back to fw 06.15 but no matter what i do my mms doesnt work, what can i do ?

    • Angel Rodriguez says

      you were able to downgrade your baseband from 6.15 with fuzzy band seriously? and it worked???

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