[UPDATED] LEI Mobile 5 Now Live!; Live On iTunes Now Too!

[UPDATE: 01.06.11 @ 12:55a.m.] Apple has just approved and posted LEI Mobile 5 on iTunes! Go and update right now!

Also, if you don’t have it, you can click here to download it!

Hey guys it’s official! LEI Mobile 5 is now live and ready for download on Cydia! It went live moments ago! If you have the app, go ahead and update it now and if you don’t, please go get it right now!

It’s an amazing upgrade for all users which brings everyone up to speed on what we’ve been up to for the past few months.

The update is free to all users so go grab it right now!

It’s an amazing update with tons of changes, you can check out the press release here:


Here’s the full changelog:

Brand New User Interface
– New Dock
– Semi-Transparent UI
– Optimized Browser For iOS 4
– New Orientation Controls To Allow Or Deny Landscape
Fixed Fragmentation Across Devices
iPhone & iPad UI Is Now The Same, But Optimized For Devices
Fully Universal Application With Full Support For iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad
Improved Landscape Support
Full Retina Display Support
Brand New Icon
Major Performance Increase
Major Speed Boost
Updated To AVBE v3.0 Core
Optimized iOS 4.2.1 Support
Better Support For Mobile Site On iOS 4.2.1
Faster Load TImes
Added “Archives” Service
Added “Leaks” Service
Updated “Help” Service To Be Updated Without New Update
Updated Services To Reflect Changes On Sever-Side
Less Memory Consumption When Running
Even Less When In The Background
Fixed All Bugs Reported To Us
Fixed Annoying “Could Not Connect” Pop-Up
App No Longer Asks For Location (Pop-Up & Service Removed)
Fixed Loading Screen
Better Support For Push Notifications
Optimized Support For Project “Rogue” iPad Optimized Website
Optimized Support For Updated iPhone Mobile Site


    • says

      Look for “LEI Mobile” in Cydia. If not, go to the “Site-Specific” category and skip to the letter “L”. It should be there. The name isn’t LEI Mobile 5 on Cydia. It’s just LEI Mobile

    • says

      lol, nah, it was approved at 11:45pm yesterday and was posted at like midnight it’s 12:55am right now), lol. I was writing an article saying that it would arrive later today and I had to rewrite parts of it because Apple decided to just post it right away, lol.

      I forgot to update this post, lol. It’s the only post I forgot to update, lol. All of the other posts have been updated saying the app has launched on iTunes.

      I’m glad you love it as much as I do! 🙂 Have a great day!

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