BREAKING: LEI Mobile 5 Approved; Available Now!

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Hey guys, some more breaking news hitting us tonight. Looks like Apple just approved LEI Mobile 5 for iTunes. We had previously been rejected due to a bug in our Project “Rogue” mobile site for the iPad and we had anticipated a week’s delay for approval, but it looks like Apple approved us in a matter of a few hours.

Also, on a side note, I was writing this article and I had estimated the app to be live by the morning, but it looks like it has already been posted onto the iTunes App Store (thus forcing me to change my article, lol).

You will all see an update in iTunes and your iOS devices right now, go ahead and download and install it so that you can experience LEI Mobile 5 for yourself. It’s a breakthrough for us, bringing the 3rd major shift in user interface for the app that has just dominated Cydia throughout 2010 and into 2011.

Also, it’s a major update for the iPad version as well. Not to mention it adds retina display support! It also makes it so that LEI Mobile’s fragmentation across iOS is a thing of the past so you get the same experience across all iOS devices. If you know how to use it on your iPhone, you’ll know how to use it on your iPad (or vice-versa).

So there you go guys, LEI Mobile 5, on iTunes right now. You can also download the non-Push Notifications enabled version from Cydia as well.

You can download LEI Mobile 5 (with Push Notifications) by clicking here

Click here for the announcement press release


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