Facebook adds iTunes digital cards to Gifts Site

Facebook just announced that Gifts, Facebook’s e-gifting site, would now offer iTunes digital gift cards starting today. Facebook users can send the digital cards to their friends along with recommended content like music, movies, podcasts, and just about any other thing you can find in iTunes. The iTunes cards come in $10, $15, $25, or […]

Storage Wars! Dropbox Vs. Google Drive

Google recently released their newest product, Google Drive. Which is very similar to Dropbox, Too Similar. So I’m here to show you which one is better. Round 1 – Paid Storage Costs Dropbox currently offers: Storage Monthly Rate 50 GB $9.99 100 GB $19.99 +200GB $200 1 TB $795(per year)   However Google Drive Offers: Storage Monthly […]

Apple to Australian: You’re Clueless about what 4G means

Apple is being targeted by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for calling the new iPad “4G-capable” when Australia  doesn’t have any LTE networks. Apple’s already changed the wording on its website in response to the complaints to make it clear that Australian customers buying an iPad WiFi + 4G are only getting HSPA+ speeds, but that may not be good […]

Review: Commander Cool for iPhone

Commander cool is an awesome addicting game that you’ll surely play for hours. Just as commander cool was going to take a day off, Evil starts up again. Armed and equipped with a parachute, he is flown to the battlefields and makes his way through forests, jungles, ice and snow, Fighting anything that gets in his way. Luckily he […]

Review: AirVinyl for iPhone

AirVinyl, by Bappz is a great app with a nice retro interface that allows you to listen to your music like no other. When you first open an app you’ll see the retro vinyl player, pressing the genius icon in the upper right side will get you to the menu which allows to select how you like […]