Simple Mobile iPhone MMS Fix

We have recently had a huge server crash and lost most of our data. Our Cydia repo is currently down, but you can manually fix your MMS with the Simple Mobile MMS Fix for iPhone below. This fix should work on iOS firmware 4.0 to 4.2.1+.

UPDATE 2: If your phone is not jailbroken follow this guide to get mms working on a non jailbroken iPhone:

UPDATE:Please add our Cydia repo to find the iPhone MMS Fix for Simple Mobile.
Our Repo is
Once you install the fix you will need to reboot your phone and go into settings->general->network and make sure the APN is correct.

If you are using the $40 TalkTextILD plan, you cannot use MMS as a data plan is required. When your current plan expires, upgrade your plan to one of the data capable plans – 50MB or 150MB – that Simple Mobile offers.

To install you will need to SSH into your iPhone.  The first thing you will want to do is download OpenSSH from Cydia.  Next you will want to follow the guide to using WinSCP for iPhone.

You will need to place the override plist for Simple Mobile in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences which you can download here: Make sure you REMOVE SIMPLE from the file name.  So save the file as

Apn: simple
Mms proxy:
Mms max: 1048576
Mms ua prof URL:

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  1. Cass says

    I did this following all instructions and can now receive MMS (was not able to before) but am no longer able to send (was able to before). Have tried tweaking APN settings to no avail. Am I the only one having this problem?

    • Melissa says

      is lei mobile back up yet? and what to i type in to get it? and does it work on iphone 4 4.0.2? i can send mms but not receive plz help?

        • Howie Hustle says

          The repo is up but the simple mobile mms fix still wont install on iphone 3gs. Everytime i try to install simple mobile mms fix a message comes back as ( HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found). I have deleted leimobile repo from cydia and added it back. Still the simple mobile mms fix will not install. the temporary fix above still did not fix my issue i cannot receice pics. Do you have a definite way we can fix this issue, or are you still working on the fix?

        • Punz says

          i did the fix on the top of the page but i still cant recieve pictures i can send them though, i called Simple Mobile and they asked me to put in this other repo on cydia but it does the same thing and im really frustrated i have an iphone 3g running on iOS 4.2.1, PLEASE HELP

  2. Marie says

    Thanks for the temporary fix…but will there need to be an update done to my phone once the repo is back up or will it automatically be taking care of?

  3. says

    Try This it works, then restart your iPhone 4g

    Cellular Data
    Apn: Simple

    Apn: Simple
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: 614400
    MMS UA Prof

  4. Torrent Gonzo says

    I have a unlocked 3G running 4.1 and a 3GS running 3.1.3 and I can’t get either one to work with MMS. I tried the method that you showed but it still didnt work. Any ideas? Please I need this capability for work.

    Thank you!

  5. rogelio says

    I try it and it works only to send not to received, any sugestion on whats needed to get it working. Thanks in advance for the support you guys are great!!!

    • Bryan says

      I doubt it because I was talking to someone that made a vid of this on YouTube and she said that on some phones 3G/3GS that sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it won’t..and she also said to just call costumer service

  6. Rudedog says

    Hey boss I tried to put leimobile repo fix but it’s says 1.1.404 not found. I have iPhone4 on 4.0.2 dose it not work for my phone or am I doing something wrong?

  7. Howie Hustle says

    The repo is up but the simple mobile mms fix still wont install on iphone 3gs. Everytime i try to install simple mobile mms fix a message comes back as ( HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found). I have deleted leimobile repo from cydia and added it back. Still the simple mobile mms fix will not install. the temporary fix above still did not fix my issue i cannot receice pics. Do you have a definite way we can fix this issue, or are you still working on the fix?

    • LEI Mobile says

      Nobody at LEi has Simple Mobile, so there is no way for us to test. Hopefully one of our readers can help out.

      • Howie Hustle says

        What does the error mean http/ 1.1 404 not found?Iis this something on your end that needs to be corrected to make it work correctly? When will you address the issue of the simple mobile fix not being able to install thru cydia at all?

  8. Richard says

    I’m talking about the simple
    Mobile mms fix install nit the download. It downloaded fine, but when u go to install and confirm, it comes back saying http 1.1 leimobile not found and then 404 code or some crap. This is stupid !

    • says

      Hmmm…. I’ll have Brandon take a look at it. Remember, the DNS may take some time to refresh for you. There are still people in various locations that still don’t see us. So it may be that issue. It can take up to 3 days for LEI Mobile and it’s services to be seen world wide.

  9. Rudedog says

    I hope someone can get simple mobile mms fix on there iPhone soon. I can send ok but not receive. Can anyone help wit this problem? Thanks.

  10. Richard says

    Ok, o was finally able to download AND install Simple mobile mms fix, but still the same problem remains. I have 3 gs 4.1 and a 3GS 4.0 none of them able to receive pics, but sends fine. Plus on my 4.1 I have no gps connection. But I do on my 4.0. Man ! This is frustrating.

  11. Cass says

    I’m seeing that most people seem to be having the opposite problem I had. Prior to doing the manual install as outlined above I could send MMS but could not receive. (I am using an iPhone 3Gs new bootrom on iOS 4.1, jailbroken and unlocked on T-Mobile.) After I did the manual install I could receive MMS but could no longer send. I installed pushfix from Cydia and now I can send and receive MMS. I’m not sure why it worked, but it did. I hope it helps at least some of you.
    Richard: try installing pushfix on your 3Gs with FW 4.0 withOUT the Simple Mobile repo. There have been a lot of mixed results with this, so the best advice I can give everyone is to try different things – 1. Try changing your APN/MMSC/MMS Proxy settings without any repos first. 2. Try the Simple Mobile repo (or, if you have FW 4.0, try the PushFix repo first) 3. Try installing the PushFix repo. Hope this helps!

  12. guzman says

    i tried evrything from youtube vids and the repos nothing works please help i did it manually and nothing i tried to send my self a pic it did work but when someone else send me one it said the picture was too big or the image bassically an error.

  13. Julian says

    I hava a 3GS as well and I tryed several times with the fix but it dosn’t work. I had it on t-mobile before and it was working perfect. Any suggestions??

  14. says

    this fix used to work perfectly, before the server meltdown. Maybe there its a change in the new files? now we have A,B,C,D… options, can i help troubleshoot? have planty of iphones to test with.

    BTW Thank you for your hard work, if there is anything i can do for you guys, please let me know.

    Thanks again

  15. Lou says

    People I follow the steps as indicated above Simple Mobile iPhone MMS Fix
    Posted on November 29, 2010 by LEI Mobile. However, I can only send MMS, but I can’t recieve picture text. Is there a Fix for this? Could someone please advise? Thanks. If need to know I have Iphone 3GS with 4.0.1 and the baseband is 05.11.07. Please help. Thanks.

  16. Bryan says

    Can somebody please tell me how to pay for my plan from simple mobile, I can’t go to the store. Please help

  17. Jimmy O'Brien says

    On the website here:

    I followed the steps and completed the process, but it did not work. I still could not receive mms messages.
    I think I found the problem… in the file that they provide a link to ( there’s a missed zero on the Mms proxy: 216.155.165.(0)50

    After using the file and installing it in with WinSCP I looked in the data network settings and compared it with the info provided on the page:…. and found the missing zero and then put it in and every things Great and working now.

    Just letting every one know what happed so that they can correct it for the rest of us simple users.

  18. dmart says

    hey jimmyo’brian, just wanted to know if your phone is still working for recieving picture message with those settings? because i did what u said and i still cant recieve…honestly i think there might be a server problem with simple because every now and then like a week later i get a picture.

  19. says

    nesesito ayuda para configurar mi iphone 3G lo tengo con SIMPLE MOBILE si serian tan amables de darme la configurasion para poder enviar fotos y asi mismo resivir ????? solo me funsiona el internet y mensajes pero no puedo enviar fotografias ni resivirlas

  20. zelma says

    I have the iphone 3g 4.2.1,,

    I have tried everything… and nothing works…. One day it sends mms the other day I would receive the all like 5 hours after….. Is there any real setting or should I just forget about sending mms with my iphone..

  21. rick says

    I dont get this shit after I did everything it says here I started gettting non stop pic messages a total of 15 and now i dont get shit anymore.. wtf is going on???????????

  22. flacco10 says

    iPhone 4 4.2.1 firmware 01.59.00 I try all the steps above and nothing works. I can only send pics after like 3 to 5 tries after it fails. STILL CAN NOT receive.

    I personally think that their SERVERS can not handle the load and it just crashes on MMS.

    The only hope we all have is for SIMPLE MOBILE and T-Mobile to upgrade their servers.

  23. Flacco10 says

    Final Fix this one works. I was having the same problem as half of you out there. This is what I did:
    1st. I set the settings as stated at the beginning of the thread.

    2nd. I downloaded ByteSMS and set it as default.

    3rd. Change the settings in ByteSMS to use the default SMS(the phones, NOT ByteSMS network)

    4th. And Finally, set ByteSMS to try 2 times upon failure. I notice that at times it fails but the second time it goes through.

    Hope this Helps everybody out there.

  24. mike says

    this work’s for me i got a iphone 3g whit 3.1.3 i had to put simple on the apn on cellular data and mms but i can send and recieve but my 3g had to be off.

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