Simple Mobile iPhone MMS Fix

We have recently had a huge server crash and lost most of our data. Our Cydia repo is currently down, but you can manually fix your MMS with the Simple Mobile MMS Fix for iPhone below. This fix should work on iOS firmware 4.0 to 4.2.1+.

UPDATE 2: If your phone is not jailbroken follow this guide to get mms working on a non jailbroken iPhone:

UPDATE:Please add our Cydia repo to find the iPhone MMS Fix for Simple Mobile.
Our Repo is
Once you install the fix you will need to reboot your phone and go into settings->general->network and make sure the APN is correct.

If you are using the $40 TalkTextILD plan, you cannot use MMS as a data plan is required. When your current plan expires, upgrade your plan to one of the data capable plans – 50MB or 150MB – that Simple Mobile offers.

To install you will need to SSH into your iPhone.  The first thing you will want to do is download OpenSSH from Cydia.  Next you will want to follow the guide to using WinSCP for iPhone.

You will need to place the override plist for Simple Mobile in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences which you can download here: Make sure you REMOVE SIMPLE from the file name.  So save the file as

Apn: simple
Mms proxy:
Mms max: 1048576
Mms ua prof URL:

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  1. says

    can somebody tell me the correct setting for mms i can send pics can not receive. And what about if the apps store says updates for apps should i ignore or is it ok to update apps? and my last problem is my when my iphone freeze and i turn the phone off it take like 3 hours for the simple mobile and edge symbol to pop back up. plz sombody help!

  2. says

    3GS 4.2.1 with preserved BB 5.13.04 Simple Mobile MMS Fix

    Sends and Receives MMS

    I’ve being havingl issues with other phones, I think it can be the 6.15.00 iPad BB that’s causing the issue.

  3. bull2k11 says

    ok guys after many restores and alot of trials i think i have found a solution to our problem and it really has nothing to do with the firmware version u have but rather apple thinking that they are helping u out (LOL)…remember when at&t was first letting us do picture messages and u would plug your phone up and itunes poped up a little message asking you if you wanted to update your carrier settings?!?!?
    well that is still going on but itunes is doing it in the back bround!!! trouble is that we dont want it to go on. your carrier bundle is being reset everytime you sync with itunes!!! that can only help you if you are on at&t no other network!!!

    so here is a solution that i found worked for me hope it helps the masses because i have sure gotten alot of help here.
    first thing u need to do is open itunes go to edit>prefernces>devices
    almost to the bottom of the little window that pops up there is an option that says “warn when 5% of the data on this computer changes” changed that option to warn when ANY of the data changes…
    next u need to open cydia then add this source if you dont have it
    and install carrier reset fix.after install eject your sim and reinsert it that should reset your carrier to its propper settings. then reset your network and reinstall your simple mobile fix and you should be golden!!! if for some reason that doesnt work the other option is to do a restore then rejailbreak your device install your simple mobile fix and at that point you will have pic message in and out…..but as soon as u plug into itunes after that a message window should pop up telling you taht your carrier bundle is out of date (the nerve of apple) assuming that u changed the option in itunes at the begining of this post. now comes the sad part if you do a restore from a previous backup it will give you the carrier settings from that backup thus rendering your recieve messages useless again. hope this helps good luck…

  4. Raffa says

    Hey guys i have a lot of questions and i need help… So i have simple plan but i wanna get an Iphone 4g or iphone3g but Im worry it might not work… or is it possible to unblocked the iphone and make it as a “simple mobile network” and if it does, does it really work or is it risky?? please someone let me know asap!!
    my email is
    Thank you!!!

  5. Tori says

    Raffa, i have an iPhone 3G and i unlocked and jailbroke it. and i have simple mobile. the only risk is that u wont have your warranty anymore with AT&T one u unlock your iPhone.

    • Raffa says

      ohhhh ok, thanks tori for replying!!!
      one more question can u send and receive pics?? cuz i heard some people saying they have problems doing it.

  6. mikeymike says

    I have iphone 3g with iOs4 on simple mobile and I can send picture msg’s but not recieve (this is before AND after the fix from the lei repo) pls help

    • says

      Simple mobile is not compatible with the iphone and that just how it is. It works for some and not others. For those that do get it to work they show up late sometimes.

  7. abdul says

    hi guys,i have i4 4.3.2 firm 04.10.01.the phone is jailbraken and unlocked for tmobile.i got a gevey sim ,i was trying to unlocked for simple mobile but the problem is still showing tmobile at the top the mms and internet not working at all.i do have cydia .please if u can help .thanks

    • says

      try installing our carrier reset fix from our repo and then eject you sim. Next go into your network settings and make sure the apn says Simple. Make sure to reboot. T-Mobile is the backend for Simple so if you are roaming it may say T-Mobile.

      • JohnyCoolBeanZ says

        hey Lei Mobile…Thanks you helped solve my issue..I can send MMS txt pics now without getting the red error that is annoying and time consuming
        I thought it was the fact that I flashed my iPhone 3G BB to 5.16 iPad version
        again thanks

  8. @DREW@ says

    ok i been having this big issue about my mms i have an iphone 3G and i cant send r recieve pics can someone pleeeease help me to get it working cause this is getting so frustrating!!!!!

  9. says

    hi, i have an iphone 3gs i installed the MMS fix but it takes really long to get Multimedia Messages. any one knows how to fix this…

  10. Dizzle says

    I down graded from T-mobil paying $73/mo to simple mobile $40 unlimited talk and txt. First 2 days were ok or maybe i wasn’t paying attention, now all my calls goes to direct to voicmail and im not even receiving txt messages from people, until i make a phone call then all messages comes in at one time txt and voice! I’ve called them twice and they’ve reset the location tower nearest to me, and it works for a minute or two, and they cant do anything else about it. I never had this problem before. Im in down town santa monica. I guess thats what you get for trying to be cheap. You get what you pay for! Im switching carrier again this week. This is unacceptable!

  11. Drew says

    I have multiple issues. I have an iPhone 3G and 3GS both 4.2.1 I am on H20 and installed the APN on a phone I have with Cydia on it and emailed it. It’s been working great until the other day! Now I can not access data and I have the data plan. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it many times with no luck. I used the and it worked great. I’m not tech savvy and I’m not paying anybody $100 to unlock the iPhone . Help!! Simple instructions with basic knowledge please:$

  12. JohnyCoolBeanZ says

    well I have tried different settings,and patching 80:80 ports simple web site site suggest you leave proxy empty hmmm no joy there either yada yada so far this plst file fix seemed to work best i can send mms without the red ! error to most of my contacts i sill can’t send to some not sure why that is , it seems ATT really has a debugger hidden file to cause issues ,and why not they are losing money …scR3w them’s my device release me from the vice ..
    Simple Mobile is frustrated to unplug the hidden holes as well ,and so the cat and mouse continue with the iOS updates …I would get a android but that is giving up and I never quit …
    I like my iPhone it’s really the only smartphone worth time debugging

  13. Jan says

    The article worked for me. When you have finished sshing your iphone and change the settings, restart your phone. Worked on my iphone 3g ios 4.2.1 BB 6.15 jailbroken

  14. JohnyCoolBeanz says

    Hey Joe ZaaZ
    I tip my hat to you my friend… I was using the above settings,with the downloaded plist file and it seemed to work but … it was buggy,by that it would send pics at 55% of the time very annoying..but your settings have been solid soo far ! even after 6 reboots..I guess I’ll hold on to my iPhone now LOL
    thanks you for the setting update ..cheeRz bro !

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