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Snapseed for iPad is a great mobile photo editor that allows you to enhance photos stored on your iPad. Snapseed creates great quality photos with great new effects that are unique to this app. The app uses new and useful controls that make it easy and fun to edit your photo on your iPad.

You start Snapseed by importing a photo from you library by pressing Open Image. Once you have imported a photo you can add as many affects as you want. Snapseed has several effects that you would expect but they work very well. These effects are Auto Correct, Tune Image, Straighten and Rotate, Crop, and a more interesting Selective Adjust.

The auto correct in the app is phenomenal and I have seen great results. I had one photo that looked very foggy and auto correct cleared it up tremendously. In selective adjust you can add points to adjust in the picture then choose how big of an area you would like it to affect. Then once you have chosen your area you can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation. Some of the more interesting things you can do with this app though are with the special effects. You can make the photo black and white, vintage, drama, grunge, center focus, and add a frame. My favorite affect was grunge, it adds an overlay that makes the photo look old and torn up. From there you can change contrast and basic things like that. In the end you can dramatically change the picture to either an entire new look or a perfectly enhanced picture. Once you have completed your edit you can share it by email, flikr, Facebook or print it. You can also save to your camera roll to do whatever else you want with it.

Overall Snapseed is a great app for editing pictures. I can’t find any problems with it because all the affects are easy to use for basic users but are good enough for professional editors who want to edit on the go.

Below is an example of a before and after photo.

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