Review: Otterbox Defender Case for the New iPad

Otterbox Defender series cases are simply a must for your iDevice if you want the maximum protection and style. Today we got a chance to check out the latest version of the Defender Series for the New iPad and I must tell you it is a major improvement compared to the last generation Defender Case for the iPad 2. Otterbox has now branded their Apple line of case as iProtection which is engineered for precision design offering ideal form fit and protection. Before I get to the pros and cons let me tell you that this case is bulky and adds a lot of weight. That could be a con for many, but with this type of case that is expected so I will leave it at that.

Pros: The case fits very well and all ports are easily accessible.

Memory foam pads inside provide additional shock absorption.

The included shield stand provides added protection coverage; supports portrait and landscape viewing and a natural typing angle.

The new Shield stand or lid contains two magnets that activate the iPad’s sleep functions. When you put the lid on your iPad’s display will turn of saving battery and when you take off the lid the display will automatically turn on. The old case did not have this feature. The removable stand is also very functional allowing multiple viewing angles and snaps on the front/back securely for added protection.

Cons: There is just one thing I would change otherwise the Otterbox Defender Series is perfect. The Built-in screen protector is terrible. It degrades the Retina display in the new iPad. The built-in screen protector is nice that it prevents scratches and what not, but it leaves that “oil spill” effect and your Retina display no longer looks amazing. I was able to remove the built-in screen protector because it was just glued onto the case. Once removed the Defender Series for the new iPad is perfect. Hopefully Otterbox will take this in to account and include a screen protector that sticks on to the face of the iPad.

The New iPad and iPad 2 Defender Series case is priced at $89.95 but as of writing this review it is currently out of stock on Otterbox’s website. You can submit your email to be notified when it is back in stock. Also it is only available in black at the moment. They may release a white version or other colors in the future but don’t hold you breath. If you want to buy it now, Amazon has it in stock and for a bit cheaper. Click here to check Amazon’s price!

The Otterbox Defender Case for the new iPad is almost perfect. The fit and protection are perfect but I have to give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars as the screen protector that is built into the case is not ideal for the new iPad’s Retina display. I was able to peel off the plastic and use the case just fine without it. I would like to see Otterbox continue to improve this case. They could take out the front plastic and include a screen shield instead. Overall this is a must buy and highly recommend. Great job Otterbox for improving the best iPad case!

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